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Foreign teachers in Poland (physics)?

semih 1 | 2
19 Oct 2011 #1
I open this topic because I want to move to Poland,and I don't know how to live in there.I'm 24 years old,a physics teacher in north cyprus,so I'm turkish.I speak english as well,but not polska:( is there any school that can hire a turkish physics teacher in poland? I don't know may be some language school,or something else..may be a language programme.or may be I can give lessons for those who are turkish citizens..

is there any ideas or suggestions about it?
Halloween - | 30
19 Oct 2011 #3
because he heard stories about easy polish girls...
OP semih 1 | 2
19 Oct 2011 #4
I want to move to europe,and when I said that to my friends,they said poland is a good place.ofcourse they have lovely girls that's only a plus for it.but everybody talks about how their people(man or woman) is,they told that they are good people in general,they love to help etc..I feel close,its objective.also green,and its nature as I heard..ok the people is not so rich.but I want only a happy life.I'm an european union member,so I choose poland.
hythorn 3 | 580
19 Oct 2011 #5
well said Sir

we welcome you

finding a job as a teacher might be a bit tricky but not impossible
as I know several Nigerians who teach business in Poland and their English pronunciation is just terrible

being Turkish, you will probably not have heard of Spike Millighan but Spike used to do this ridiculous African accent where he sounded like Idi Amin

and that is how one of my friends talks
OP semih 1 | 2
19 Oct 2011 #6
thank you,
I have watched many tv series and my pronunciation is like arnold schwarzenegger :P
so there is a chance,but I don't know how applications work from internet.I can't live there before finding a job.first I must make application.which school,or your government doesn't make exams?I have so many questions..
hythorn 3 | 580
19 Oct 2011 #7
regretably I am not a teacher
however I am sure one of the teachers who frequent the forum would be only too happy to help

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