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Renting a car in Jelenia Gora
Can't get over "the Polish experience"
Travelling from Wrocław to Prague
Free online polish to english translation service?
Your favourite Polish female-singer [name and YT link]
Driving from Gdansk to Vienna, Austria
Did you know that Polish army is the weakest in Central Europe?..   2   3   4   5
150 - The 1 million invasion has already happened ;)...

NewspurplewolfSeanus - 24 Mar 2010
I have to fix Karta Pobytu for EU citizens
How to apply karta pobytu on basis of business in Poland
Learning Polish, good for beginners?
The Plural of Zloty?   2
Dzięki temu...... ?
Morally bankrupt kleptocracy: Hounded by Reds pre-89, then by "Democrats"
A rare Polish medal
Is Poland the only high minded country of Cental and Eastern European countries?   2
Do we need to get a UK solicitor or a Polish one?
Coat of arms LIS - Swietopelk-Zawadzki (Fox) family name and Bochenski family name
21 - THANKS ALOT for that :) janet...

Genealogyjanet melvinjanet melvin - 23 Mar 2010
i used to work with a lot of polish door stewards who were all good friends
Considering opening a Polish restaurant in the UK.
Closed: Is Indian/Polish relationship possible?   2   3   4   ...   12   13
is it stll jeden   2
Closed: English teenager refused service at Polish shop   2   3
Canadian working in Poland? How do I go my taxes?
On the spot payment with Police (ticket) in Poland?
Doctors taking bribes in Poland   2   3
What do you think about NM (New Mexico) state?   2
Historical Polish parades
Are you a US citizen? Test for Americans.   2   3
The Gustloff - one of the worst maritime disasters that seemed to never have happened   2   3
Weapons of WWII (Poland and other countries)   2   3   4   ...   7   8