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I'm looking for polish clothing brand "TATTUM"

spandan21 3 | 8
17 Oct 2011 #1
hi everyone....
I heard about one clothing brand named "TATTUM" something.... can anyone help me to find out the address and company website of this brand....
Neil Warsaw 1 | 19
17 Oct 2011 #2
How about typing or typing into Google......
Cardno85 31 | 976
17 Oct 2011 #3
sure you don't mean tatuum? if it is then is their site. if not then search google for tattum and change the .com in your adress bar afer google to .pl :)
OP spandan21 3 | 8
17 Oct 2011 #4
guys... thanks for your help... i got the web and right name is "Tatuum"..... Thanks a lot for quick replys... if any one need any help about INDIA _ MUMBAI..then pls let me know

hi everyone... i checked with website but i am not able to find out their head office address and telephone numbers....can anyone help me to find out ....

hello everyone.... i check the "TATTUM" website, but i could not find their company address and telephone numbers... so pls help me to find out these details....
PWEI 3 | 612
19 Oct 2011 #5
Company name: Tatuum Kan Sp. z o.o.
Address: Wiączyńska 8 a, 92-760 £ódź
Tel.: 042 677 79 55
NIP: 725-101-98-80
KRS: 0000119998
CEO: Józef Kapitańczyk

Kan Production Sp. z o.o.
Wiączyńska 8A, 92-760 £ódź
Tel.: (42) 677-79-20
Fax: (42) 677-79-20
NIP: 728-000-86-08
KRS: 0000259684
OP spandan21 3 | 8
19 Oct 2011 #6
thanks a lot for your great help

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