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Who designs houses in Poland?

OP magpie 6 | 133
20 Oct 2011 #61
And the concrete lions?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
20 Oct 2011 #62
back off a bit:) we had two, cemented in, and still got nicked.
OP magpie 6 | 133
20 Oct 2011 #63
we had two, cemented in, and still got nicked.

The moral being, don't trust people who put concrete lions in their garden. : ) I think these be-columned houses are inspired by halcyon times.
elioug 1 | 22
20 Oct 2011 #64
I think these columns have some more artistic development than the polish house.

Unfortunately in our time, our way of designing - as general point of view - hasn't developed a system to use the ornaments and other small elements that we can find in the old architecture and sometimes are possible to use as concept to integrate old buildings with new ones.
OP magpie 6 | 133
20 Oct 2011 #65
But they aren't your typical columns are they? Especially as they appear to be load bearing ones they are something special.
elioug 1 | 22
21 Oct 2011 #66
No they arent. Are from Spain - Sacred Family.
I could try to look for something from my country. But well, i think in past people didnt developed columns and works were in stone and earth materiales in other areas. One example of a door entrance in a complex:

....and later Spanish people came with their old model of houses..some of them existing until today.

So the columns were as i know ornaments not part of the constructive system. I could find for more picture from personal property to make a topic just i dont know if people could be interested in this.

Anyway, i studied about houses in architecture to make my thesis projects. Its a complex topic with many varied points of view according to each society. There are much inspiration sources too, well.. thats why architecture should be fun and creativity instead of making copies :D so as many of us mentioned here, sometimes it doesnt bring the best result.

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