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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 4)

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Polish girls are outstanding in terms of their moral conducts as compared to western girls.
Polish idealist form of beauty for males and females?
Woman 28 single, too late for a relationship with a Polish man?  2
Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Find Polish Women Attractive?  2  3  4
Too late for a serious relationship? or not - I'm 39 and looking for someone Polish
Age difference in relationship with a guy or girl from Poland?
Should I ask a slightly older Polish Woman out on a date?
Dating a Polish/Italian Guy
Polish friend cutting off contact indirectly - is this a cultural misunderstanding?
15 - maybe your friend got a new significant other that does not appreciate your friendship...

LoveConfusedFriend - 16 Jun 2014 f stop - 21 Jun 2014
In love with a perfect woman from Poland (she has a boyfriend?)
Just started dating Polish guy - what is typical of a man from Poland? Cultural differences.  2  3
75 - Beats me:-)...

Lovepolskilova - 15 Jun 2014 Lyzko - 16 Jul 2019
I am a male UK Citizen, a Polish female wants to pay me £1000 & £2000 (later) for marriage ????
25 - You're welcome ;-)...

LoveIvorSmallFaucet - 11 Jun 2014 Wulkan - 13 Jun 2014
What does my Polish work colleague's behaviour mean?
Wedding - bridesmaid for Polish friend; what things will remind her of home (customs traditions)?
6 - Thank you so much that's really helpful , It will fall to myself and my husband to do some...

Lovespecialdayhelp - 12 May 2014 specialdayhelp - 13 May 2014
Cannot get married as a catholic in Poland if I don't have sacraments - No kids without Church marriage
9 - Plus, if it's all a disaster, it's not your fault ;)...

Lovekot - 8 Apr 2014 Cardno85 - 9 Apr 2014
× Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys?  2
International/binational couples and communication problems
Turkish girl & Polish guy marriage. Will his parents ever accept me as a non Christian female?  2
Help me plan my wedding - in church in Poland, with a 2 day wedding party - Zabrze
My Polish guy doesn't call me..
Will I end up with a Polish man?
3 - bizz, it's bear with me. Bare with me has an entirely different meaning. :)...

Lovebizz45 - 13 Mar 2014 scottie1113 - 20 Mar 2014
Confused . . . did I Misunderstand Him? Found out he is from Poland.
What documentation do I need to marry a Polish girl in Poland?
What do you like most about Polish men? :)  2
51 - The kielbasa tastes quite spicy of the polish kind...

Lovescalanouva - 4 Feb 2014 Dreamergirl - 1 Jul 2016
What do you like most about Polish girls? :)  2  3
The sexual lives of Polish immigrants (they have more sex than in Poland?)
Cultural difference or flirting? My boyfriend is from Poland.
Loving someone from Poland (same gender) but from a faraway land
8 - A year and a half exactly :D i would be flying to him probably after a few months...

LoveRicLegaspi - 27 Jan 2014 RicLegaspi - 28 Jan 2014
Polish girls don't go for one night stands, is it true?  2
56 - what web site one can meet nice polish women that speak English...

Loveblacka - 27 Jan 2014 ttaagg - 22 Oct 2017
I am in a serious relationship with a girl i met on-line from Poland - advice needed
My Polish wife's mom is asking for money
11 - In this situation, handing your money to a Polish lawyer is a bad idea....

LoveHarry7778 - 20 Jan 2014 f stop - 23 Jan 2014
I have a crush on my boyfriend's Polish friend ( advice needed )  2
Why should I support my partners sister and boyfriend?
Do I need to be Confirmed in order to get married in the Catholic church in Poland?  2
Hi! I was wondering if Polish guys like latinas and if they would ever date one?
Partner wants me to come to Poland?
Questions about Polish Men - flirting, cheating, liking?  2
Poland's virginity market
Is it considered rude to stare ( especially at women ) in Poland?
Polish cities with most single young women
× Polish women betrayal  2
Why are Polish girls so confusing?
Rejected - Rafal thought I was ugly?  2  3
My wife has been secretly sending money back to Poland
Polish guy - (are we ever going to get together if he doesn't understand me or I him?)
Indian girl met a Polish guy and got pregnant. He doesn't want to marry me and my visa expires...
Massive problems with Polish mother-in-law  2
Advice on polish girl, I'm not really getting it.
5 - or other birth control...

LoveRafacon - 30 Oct 2013 pgtx - 30 Oct 2013
Younger Polish girl 24 dating old man
Romance with a polish girl... I need help!
What do Polish guys think of Asian girls?  2
I need advice regarding divorce situation (can I get married if not fully divorced yet?)
5 - He told me he gonna give what his ex wants from him and second case he wants both of...

Lovedianapink29 - 14 Oct 2013 dianapink29 - 14 Oct 2013
What do Polish women think of Italian/Native American men?
how to show a polish guy that you're interested?
Birth Certificate Questions (Polish rules require the mother to put down a Polish name?)
× Polish women: what do you think of Polish men? Physically unattractive?  2  3  4  5  6
Do Polish guys not like kissing very much?
Should I date another Polish girl? The maturity of the relationship issues.
Do Polish guys tend to take things slow with regards to sex?  2
× Polish girls- breasts size  2  3
65 - only shallow men judge women by their breast on a scale of 1 to 10 tell...

Lovelocal_fela - 10 Sep 2013 Wulkan - 18 Sep 2013

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