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In love with a perfect woman from Poland (she has a boyfriend?)

muttley84 2 | 3
16 Jun 2014 #1

I was seeing this polish girl long distance fell in love really fast we both did. She had a boyfriend at the time i was also with someone (I know i should have not gor involved but i couldnt help it) we spoke every day for hours. She had planned on coming out to Australia for my birthday. I sent her flowers done all the romantic things

Her boyfriend found some photos of me(non nude)on her phone& she called it off with me.
I know i should give up but i believe we have something special together. She told me she loves me still does.

I wrote a song for her
But i fear the harder i try the more ill push her away.

Should i give up?
Or keep fighting for what i believe is possibly my soul mate.
I have never felt like this before.

Confused as to what do to next
16 Jun 2014 #2
This can go either on of two ways, depending on who you are: 1. Ethical or 2. not ethical.

1. Ethical: She's somebody's girl. How would you feel if your girlfriend were to have somebody else on the sideline, with whom she has feelings for. In this mode of thinking, you're better off leaving it as it is.


2. Not Ethical.

If you plan to fight for her and your happiness, then what are you still doing there in Australia? Fight the good fight and claim her. Anyway, nobody really ever belongs to anybody. Plus,.. she's not even married to the boyfriend. It's still fair for you to step in and fend for not just your happiness but hers.

Good Luck.
OP muttley84 2 | 3
18 Jun 2014 #3
Thanks doesnt matter anymore.
I lost.

My heart my love my song wasnt enough she said she loves me but its risking to much if it doesnt work

So we move on sadly
SingleFemale 2 | 55
20 Jun 2014 #4
Sorry to hear you have lost... I am not going to say you and her were not meant for each other, probably you just met at the wrong place and wrong time.

I had that same experience(and the same ending as yours). I didn't lose, I just let go. I believe it is not right to ruin relationship just so you can have that piece of happiness with that person.

Better to move on and get on with life....good luck.
OP muttley84 2 | 3
22 Jun 2014 #5
Thanks im trying. Hard to get her out of my mind.
bullfrog 6 | 602
22 Jun 2014 #6
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Is she hot ?

stolatte 2 | 3
25 Jun 2014 #7
Wouldn't give up so soon. Keep an eye on the situation, if she breaks up you have that 24hr window before she finds her next boyfriend.

Remember be quick and be willing to fight. Yes, they actually want you to fight for love :)
James G 2 | 14
27 Jun 2014 #8
Iv been in exact situation as you with a polish girl (lived in Krakow for somtime)

short answer..let her go and just be friends..find a new girl, its a big world out there, and stop writing her as much as it will drive you nuts thinking about her!! Polish girls are really loyal aswell so maybe shes playing a game to make her boyfriend jelous!!

I know its not the answer you want but it is what it is!!
OP muttley84 2 | 3
29 Jun 2014 #9
i gave up. stopped all contact with her totally
its easier that way i think.
i was so caught up in what i wanted i didnt look at the bigger picture.
what she wanted if she wants to give it a shot with her boyfriend again who am i to stand in the way of that.

i enjoy our time together but we all move on we all live different lives in different ways.

i thought she was prefect but that was only in my eyes the more i think about it the more i realize i was kidding myself

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Is she hot ?


clearly it was a joke mate.
all good not everyone gets Aussie humor

all good thanks for the help everyone

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