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I feel like me and my Polish boyfriend dont have much of a love relationship. is this normal

cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
17 Mar 2015 #1
Im a black girl and me and him been together for four years with a baby girl. I feel like I cant talk to him about my feelings. And our relationship is all about work and him giving me money. I cant talk about my feelings cause to him as he says its ********. We dont do a lot of things together. He doesn't talk to me about deep things. He only talks to me if its domething important and serious. He kisses me and tells me he loves everyday before he goes to eork but I feel like I need something more and deeper much more often. We are like an old married couple. Im 23 and he is 34. We have polish friends who are a couple with 2 kids, tge girl is 24 and man 35. She complains to me about the same problem cause we sometimes drink together and ***** about the men. My man also do not want to drink with me but if his friends ask him to drink he will not think about twice. Sorry if I have any spelling mistakes, Im typing really fast. Im sure you ewill figure it out. Please help!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
17 Mar 2015 #2
I do not think this is the right forum for your problems cipkah.
Also your name does suggest 'troll'.
Have you tried 'mumsnet'?
OP cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
17 Mar 2015 #3
You are a troll and it doesn't corncern you where I post and what my name is. When I need an opinion about that I will ask you . Have you tried It should help you get a life.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
17 Mar 2015 #4
I should 'get a life'? Really?
Well at least I am not raising my daughter to think marital violence is normal.
You would get a better response on mumsnet.
BTW you did ask for opinions, sorry if you do not like the answer.

oh and maybe you should look at '' just think if you had a job you wouldnt have to be reliant on someone who thinks so little of you and your daughter that he will beat you up for whatever reason.
17 Mar 2015 #5
She's Black, hence the attitude problem.

You're very lucky to have secured a white man in my opinion. I subscribe to the old fashioned school of thought in that different Races should not mix.
OP cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
17 Mar 2015 #6
When I need your opinion on what my name is and if I should be posting on here or not I will ask you, no I didnt. Yes get a life if you are writting me just to tell me that im a troll then so are you. Raising my daughter in a voilent home is a life. Where is yours? And I have a job. Anyway isnt it a mans job to provide. You should go and do that and then you can talk. And this is a question for people who are experienced not amateur like you.
Vox - | 172
17 Mar 2015 #7
Please help!

What kind of help do you have in mind?

She's Black, hence the attitude problem.

If that is true, you must be also Black.
17 Mar 2015 #8
It's not going to work because he's white and she's black. Perhaps he feels she's beneth him? - I don't know...

Sort your attitude problem out pet, it may help your relationship.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
17 Mar 2015 #9
And this is a question for people who are experienced not amateur like you

sweetie I have been there, done that and raised my kids alone.
Like I said if you want to show your daughter that it is OK for her to see her dad knock seven bells out of her mum, carry on.

That is no kind of a life for a child, and one that social services would not look kindly on.
I would advise you again to not look for help here but on a parenting website.
OP cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
17 Mar 2015 #10
Yes sure. You are irrelevant. Your advice dont matter now. Im busy going to work bye racist. And calmmit trashing someone for their skin colour, what do you call that? Its not an attitude problem, its evil. Attitude problem can be fixed. Evil needs god
pigsy 7 | 304
17 Mar 2015 #11
Carefull this forum is like a Ferguson police dept.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
17 Mar 2015 #12
LOL how am I am a 'racist' exactly ? you are the one that is banging on about skin colour and nationality, darling not me.
and good luck dodging social services, you will need it.
17 Mar 2015 #13
If you want to be taken seriously, you shouldn't have used the word "cipka" in your nickname.

Anyways, instead of looking for answers in the Internet I advise you to talk honestly to your partner and explain to him what you need in your relationship.

Polish people are naturally rather reserved if you compare us to Italians, for example.
Especially men don't speak so openly about love and deep feelings. At least it's something I observed in my family and friends.
17 Mar 2015 #14
Men who talk about feelings and emotions and cry aren't real men at all, they are
OP cipkathcheetah 1 | 9
18 Mar 2015 #15
Thank you darling, i wont be needing it.
Good luck for yourself! You need it now and for the rest of your life.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
18 Mar 2015 #16
oh hi my Pollish bf beats me up in front of our baby! is it because he is Polish or is it because I am a masochist?
pigsy 7 | 304
18 Mar 2015 #17
I remember reading somewhere about a billboard saying "if your man dont beat you who will?"\LOL
18 Sep 2016 #18
some people r mean here. she didnt even posy anything bout beating or something. @cipkathcheetah : be strong. i stumbled upon this post cos i experience the same thing. he loves u indeed. it is natural for them polish not talk bout their feelings at all. in my situation, I m even the one who sometimes provide. so, there is no other way but to give space to him and u just need to talk bout feelings related to ur closefriends. also about hang out together, yes same thing here. though we have planned something in advance, he woulndt hesitate to ask if he can go out with his friends and change our plan. nevertheless, he does know u r important. but he will only think u r the most important when years go by. one article says, which is confirmed to be spot on by many polish, in terms of this change of plan, they wouldnt care what other party would feel. hence, it is basically has been like that for most of them.

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