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What do you like most about Polish men? :)

7 May 2016 #31
Yes I am living here for the time being. As I said, it was my opinion and i do believe that it is true.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #32
Wulkan: for once, absolutely + pure common sense! ;). One can find everything and the contrary in any social group but not hard to understand that these are teenagers writing such messages and they base their "opinion" upon 1 (or 2) case(s). In Poland (and elsewhere), there are people who are intelligent/stupid, good /bad looking, rich/poor, tall/small, fat/skinny etc etc ...
7 May 2016 #33
Point taken about how there are all types of people but there are some clear differences, from where I come from in Wales, no one here works as there are no jobs, high rate of people on antidepressants and the young men have no respect for anyone, never mind women so when I come here to Warsaw, it feels like another planet with lovely blue eyed body building men :D
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #34
Do you think all Polish men are like this????? "lol".
7 May 2016 #35
Not all but more than in the Welsh Valleys that's for sure!!! """Lol"""
Kezcaisim 1 | 37
7 May 2016 #36
Their sense of fashion and trendy haircuts.

InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #37
it must be very ...... bad where you are from and I really feel sorry for you! ;);)
Wulkan - | 3,249
7 May 2016 #38
I really feel sorry for you!

More like you envy her that she found her happyness.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #39
What do YOU know about us? Nothing!!!
Wulkan - | 3,249
7 May 2016 #40
You mean you and your second personality? Who are "us"? The topic is about Polish men and I am one so I know quite a lot about "us".
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #41
poor idiot! I mean the OP + I and say that you do NOT know anything about our lives. (= us) The girl only says that she is looking for someone (from Poland).
7 May 2016 #42
Wow I regret saying anything at all now haha all I said was my opinion. Also, I am not looking for someone, I already have my Polish souvenir and carrying his baby :)
Wulkan - | 3,249
7 May 2016 #43
I'm glad to hear that, but sharing your happyness on this forum can trigger jealousy attacks like the French woman you can see above :-)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 May 2016 #44
@Wulkan;: What jealousy???? Why should I be jealous????? I have just answered a message saying that ALL Poles were not good looking (in fact very few are) and that's all.

Sale m333de nazie!
Wulkan - | 3,249
7 May 2016 #45
I have just answered a message saying that ALL Poles were not good looking (in fact very few are) and that's all.


really? so what's that?

it must be very ...... bad where you are from and I really feel sorry for you!

Dreamergirl 4 | 276
15 May 2016 #46
I don't like that they won't use contraception
19 May 2016 #47
Don't know so much about that (using protection). I haven't been with enough men of any nationality to make statements about "they" in the realms of personal interactions behind the door.

Easy way to convince them "Wanna get married next week? No? Wrap it Cowboy!" (If he says yes.. well... um. Yay? )

Not the problem in my case.

Disclaimer: Since I have known only a half dozen males of full or mostly Polish descent, and dated 2; my anecdotal evidence is nowhere near science and am not around any daily. Also may be regional to the NorthEast.

_ I find most of Hunny's friend's rather generic but pleasant in appearance. And tall but in a homogeneous way, since none of them reach the tall side of my McColloch kin but are all taller than my czech or hispanic family. Most of them drink too much for my taste but since they are single, and show up to work or schools *shrug* ah well. Lot of smokers around too.

I have a preference for blue eyes, and lean towards lighter hair, especially blondes, I find that seems to be in abundance. They don't seem on average particularly hirsute; though when they are..whoa (for me, Fuzzy does not equate manly ).Large hands seems a thing in general.. but it may be perception with my dinky size 6 hands. Many seem a bit "emo". Morose and Pessimistic seeing the bright side as sign of possible 4 alarm fire. I didn't see a lot of fat people, specially in youngsters and those that were, have nothing on a single trip to a NC Walmart. Would be invisible in line practically if not simply crushed to death.

Polish Men Are:
1) Pragmatic
2)Chivalrous (even if it has some chavinism on board)
3) Family oriented
4) Surprisingly romantic
5) Humor is either dry or near slapstick ridiculous
6) Masculine faces (not many metrosexuals with pouty faces and chatita noses and skinny jeans. Though seen many that scowl in both genders)
7) Loyal (though hard to get added to the "real friend" list and not the "friend" list)
8) Straightforward (sometimes rudely blunt)
9) Not fashion conscious
10) Hard Working

My guy: I like his milky skin. Many very pale people look like pasty drowning victims. I like his gold hair. His whole family is blonde but they are all ash blonde. BIG blue eyes.I like his high cheekbones and long face. I absolutely love his patrician nose and "boop' it often if in proximity. It could be considered large but fits his face. He has full lips but I don't see that as a common trait, seems regional. He is slender but wirey and very strong. Simple neat dresser. His barber hated him until he gave in and started getting more military haircuts (male "hairstyle" does not seem to exist, least not up north). Pianists hands.

Quiet, understated, a little bit on the progressive end of the scale. He keeps me grounded because I am more right leaning. Loves kids, puppies, God and chocolate. Always focused on me.

: 3 I like having returned while bored and unemployed to find my favorite subject. What _I _ like about Polish
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
31 May 2016 #48
In my experience polish men will not use condoms at all

But when the d game is so strong like it is with polish men you don't care
Veles - | 164
29 Jun 2016 #49
In my experience polish men will not use condoms at all

What the hell are you talking about?
tea lady
29 Jun 2016 #50
havent met many polish men they usually have piercing blue eyes the ones i met anyway which isnt a lot.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
1 Jul 2016 #51
The kielbasa tastes quite spicy of the polish kind

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