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Loving someone from Poland (same gender) but from a faraway land

RicLegaspi 1 | 3
27 Jan 2014 #1
Hi, I'm 18 and he is 19. I am very much in-love with my Polish boyfriend, who I met online through a polish friend of mine who is the best friend of my boyfriend :D

*Please no hate to gay people :)*
I'm from PH, and travelling to Poland is quite a pain in the pockets and god how expensive it is because of the 3 connecting flights from PH>SG>FR>PL, but we've been planning on doing this and that but I thought I might surprise him once I graduated Uni :D and I would still have to wait for him to graduate his Uni also, well we have planned to try and work in SG as it is quite open to foreigners, so yeah, His presence(not physical) is helping me tremendously on my Depression and had made me smile and not think about doing the same old cliche thing for depressed and problematic people *suicide*, well I've been trying the "suicide" majinga when i was very much depressed. He is a Closet gay and i'm a closet gay also(straight acting gay guys :D) as he is Polish means that his parents are very "catholic" as so that he has told me lol and my parents are very very very strict "christians" and I'm the only freethinker/atheist in my family, We couldn't be open to our friends nor our families because of their beliefs. He makes me smile and I make him smile so yeah, He makes me forget all my problems, Including my problem about my iTouch which was stolen last friday by a f****ng blockmate of mine =___=

Sorry for the story telling, How do you think I could make him happy on our LDR relationship, he is a very nice guy and his best friend has never told me anything bad about him and could only tell positive things about my boyfriend, I want to make him happy because I don't want him to suffer the same sadness I had while growing up.

I want him to be happy and hopefully and faithfully be married to him :) I had never felt this mixed feeling of certainty, happiness, love, sureness, hopefulness, and that weird feeling of knowing him for my whole life plus that feeling that attracts me to him and never makes me forget about his smile and his voice.

Any suggestions on how I could make him be sure that I am serious with him?? and also on how I can make him happy on our long distance relationship? :D thanks in advance for all those who will give their advance.

I am sure that I would want to marry this person, I love him with all my heart,
Uglywoman 3 | 75
27 Jan 2014 #2
I'm really really happy for you. You sound like a wonderful person. I don't think you need to do more to show you are serious; it sounds like you are and I'm sure he can tell this.
OP RicLegaspi 1 | 3
27 Jan 2014 #3
Thank you :') I've tried to make other people happy and not wanting them to feel how I once felt growing up, I do love him with all my heart xD, even though there is the 7 hours time zone difference I'm actually the one who is adjusting for our relationship haha I've turned my night into day just so I could talk to him lol, Thank you for saying that again it had warmed my heart :)

I'm really really happy for you. You sound like a wonderful person.

Thank you :') It feels quite nice to receive compliments rather than hate :')
Maybe 12 | 409
27 Jan 2014 #4
Hi, I'm 18

I am sure that I would want to marry this person, I love him with all my heart,

Dude you are 18 years old SLOW DOWN................

Just concentrate on building your friendship.
jon357 74 | 22,024
27 Jan 2014 #5
Yes, that's very sound advice from Maybe.

Remember, you haven't met the guy. He may fulfil or exceed your expectations from your online contact, but there's an equal chance that he doesn't. You should prepare yourself psychologically for that and remember that something that seems really important at the time (especially when you're young) doesn't seem so important with hindsight.

Go with an open mind, hope for the best but expect the worst. Remember you're attracted to your idea of him - especially since you've never met. There may well be someone else just round the corner who fits that idea too.
OP RicLegaspi 1 | 3
27 Jan 2014 #6
Dude you are 18 years old SLOW DOWN

I studied earlier than most people my age thats why im about to graduate Uni by 19 and I'm pretty much sure that I've matured enough, but thanks though.

Remember you're attracted to your idea of him

The idea of him? please explain further or is this based on how i said that his best friend says good things about him?? basing from how he is towards me whenever we "Skype" or either through messages he is just plain sweet and even tries hard to cope up with my English, since he would mostly tell me to wait just because he would translate the words he couldn't say on Polish since I only know a very limited knowledge about polish language, sometimes we would just stare at each other's faces on skype and just do nothing but smile and make faces all through out, and also I'm pretty much updated on what he does and what he would do, he just does that ever since. Well I am prepared on the worst and also expects the best so that if it doesn't work out I would still be friends with him :)
Uglywoman 3 | 75
28 Jan 2014 #7
I'm sure he'll be the same my friend :) If someone is a sincere and genuine person then you can expect their feelings to be real online or not, and you've known him for a while, interacted with him for a while, plus you have a mutual friend who has confirmed that your boyfriend is a good guy :) He'll be so happy to meet you in person when you surprise him after graduation. And it's coming up soon, right???? Tell us your plans!
OP RicLegaspi 1 | 3
28 Jan 2014 #8
it's coming up soon, right???? Tell us your plans!

A year and a half exactly :D i would be flying to him probably after a few months of having a job after I graduate :D I would like to surprise him xD well right now I still have about this semester and 3 more to graduate, and he has this year and the next four years to finish studying :D He had been telling me that he would work during holidays so he could save up money so he could fly to me which would probably make me feel guilty as it is such an expensive airfare for both of us, but since he is still a student by the time I graduate, I would rather be the one to fly rather than him :D

*tried to edit the previous post but probably took so much time so when I finished I got Access Denied lol*

I really can't wait for that time to happen but I have faith and hope that we would end up marrying each other :3 Hahahaha I feel like a fan girl every time he smiles xD He has that innocence in his smile you know? something that you wouldn't find on a LOT of people, he told me that before he went on checking out my facebook account lol(I'm not even handsome or cute but he thinks I am lol), yeah he told me he was sad and all, and also he told me that his last relationship was bad because the other guy hurt him :( and then I promised him that whatever happens I will never ever ever ever hurt him because it has never been on my nature to harm someone who makes me feel all mushy xD I like it whenever he just suddenly smiles and bites his lower lip that gosh he doesn't even know that whenever he does that it freaking turns me on lol... his smile with his lush red kissable lips hahahaha! I would feel awkward kissing him personally though since I have never ever kissed anyone before and I dont know how hahahaha(I know, I know, I'm a shame xD) but maybe when that time comes it would probably just come naturally through the beat of the moment xD

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