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Need advice on a Polish guy friend i got with

4 Sep 2014 #1
Hey, so I'm 16 and I've known this guy who is 19 for 2 years, he was going out with one of my best friends for like a year and a half until about 3 months ago when they broke up, the other night me and him agreed to meet up and chill, however surprisingly we happened to kiss and well do stuff, do I tell her? Am I supposed to feel guilty? Am I the one in the wrong? Please someone help me..

When I'm with him he makes me feel safe, and he's such a good guy, I don't want to let my chance slip by..
6 Sep 2014 #2
If you end up with him you might lose your friend, unless she's very understanding. So depends which do you care more about, the guy or your friendship.

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