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Polish girls are outstanding in terms of their moral conducts as compared to western girls.

26 Jul 2014 #1
Polish girls re humble by their nature and caring than most western ladies.just get to know them and u will find many reasons to ur life with them.
Forumsuser13 1 | 11
26 Jul 2014 #2
Each person is different but I agree with what you say. I notice they are also quite possessive of men and will fight hard to keep the man whom they love the most.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
26 Jul 2014 #3
but I agree with what you say.

I had to have a beer to understand what he's saying. I also don't think he's ever met a Polish woman. Either that or he has and he's c-struck.
Forumsuser13 1 | 11
26 Jul 2014 #4
Maybe. The general assertion is that they are "humble and caring." I know one girl who is quite extraordinary. She's Polish-Australian and does not speak the language, so these generic descriptions may not apply to her at all. Maybe it's a waste of time making any generalisations. It would be like someone who has never seen a flower. If they saw a blue flower, they might say (incorrectly) "flowers are blue," when it would be better to say (correctly) "this flower is blue." Or they might see a field of blue flowers. Again, it'd be correct to say, "this field of flowers is blue," and incorrect to say, "all flowers are blue."

Maybe Guest is female and Polish? I guess we'll never know the whole story... :)
Englishman 2 | 278
26 Jul 2014 #5
I certainly think the Polish women I've met have been caring, and I think it may be due to the Catholic culture, even if they're not particularly religious. As for being humble, I guess it depends what you mean. The Polish women I've met have not been arrogant, but they've had self respect, which is a good thing IMO.
Lolek2 - | 4
26 Jul 2014 #6
Are they? Hey guest how many polish grils you know? There are many western girls which are doing all right in terms of their moral conduct.
Wulkan - | 3,243
26 Jul 2014 #7
Well of course. You have never heard the term: "cheap western European prostitute" while the term "cheap eastern European prostitute" is known all over the world.
Sparks11 - | 334
27 Jul 2014 #8
I heard that Polish girls fart rose petals and only want to cook, work and serve their man's every wish. What a great bunch.
27 Jul 2014 #9
Haha, my American girlfriends are more moral than the Polish women I meet in Chicago. All they want to do is drink and screw around with any American they meet. Maybe thay are that way because they want a green card.
jon357 72 | 21,141
27 Jul 2014 #10
the Polish women I meet in Chicago

That might say more about the type of women you associate with than the entire 20 million female population of Poland.

By the way, I don't think that Polish women are any more or less moral than in any other country in Europe.
27 Jul 2014 #11
Polish women tend to be more feminine than many of their European counterparts. although there is a rise in the number of 'burger bums' McFamily is on the rise in PL.

As for morality among Polish women I would say it depends on the individual and is not a national trait.
Forumsuser13 1 | 11
27 Jul 2014 #12
I heard that Polish girls fart rose petals and only want to cook, work and serve their man's every wish. What a great bunch.

They don't fart, how rude of you to say that! But all your other statements are correct :)
6 Sep 2017 #13
The Polish women I've met have not been arrogant, but they've had self respect

self-respect and humility are not antonyms.
nothanks - | 640
6 Sep 2017 #14
"Modern feminism" is increasing in Poland. Fortunately [IMO] most of them head west and end up raising foreign children anyway. The next generation of "My mother/grandmother was Polish"
OwCr 3 | 15
6 Sep 2017 #15
I'm glad that this topic exists because this is how I have felt about western women for the past few years.

The last English girl I went out with was back in 2011, it turned out that she was a single mother who would rather be single and receive child benefit for extra money in her pocket (politely telling me to "**** off", basically). Since then, I have been a single man, with a good job, a mortgage and a relatively nice car that I fully own. ... I have no personal debt other than my mortgage.

But it's now coming to a point of time where I want to settle down with a woman and start a family together.

I have come to realise that women in the western world are turning away from men like myself. They either go full feminist types, or are thick as two planks who sleep around with "bad boys" that are in so much personal debt they are unashamed of it. It's why I never go to night clubs or bars.

I have even tried Speed Dating in my area, but the majority of women I meet there either don't know what they want, or think they are better and more professional than I am. I'm going to one again in a couple of weeks, but I won't be surprised that it will be the same types as last time.

Are Polish / Eastern European women like this as well? ... because as every year and month goes by, I feel like finding love in Eastern Europe instead. I'm already aware of the scammers / sham wedding types, but I have faith that not every woman in Poland is a gold digger or a massive feminist. What I love about Eastern European culture is that most of you still believe in traditional and family values, which is something I miss so much here in the western world. :( I am a man who wants to fall in with love a woman and have children, starting our own family... just like my mother & father and uncles & aunties did. What's wrong with that today?
Krevesyn - | 12
9 Sep 2017 #16
Well some girl students from poor backgrounds tend to be sluts and gold diggers
Others from Well respected families tend to be ladies but break down at some voltage application (lol i am an engineer btw) But iff u are looking for casual sex from them you will have to beat up Vitali Ivan and Vladslav and another guy all are like 6 feet

Otherwise u will have to marry her
But hey thats true for all immigrant girls indians poles chinese arabs africans what does it matter
Wulkan - | 3,243
9 Sep 2017 #17
Vitali Ivan and Vladslav

Those are not Polish names gandu
Krevesyn - | 12
9 Sep 2017 #18
Yeah wulkan i was talking about her brothers
And poles from german border tend to nicer
Donno why
Wulkan - | 3,243
9 Sep 2017 #19
Yeah wulkan i was talking about her brothers

Her brothers have non Polish names? kusra
Krevesyn - | 12
9 Sep 2017 #20
Cezary Antoni Dandelion Geralt Vesemir Happy dude????
Ironside 52 | 11,774
9 Sep 2017 #21
Eastern European cultu

There is no Eastern European culture. Sure there some superficial similarities but that is about it. If you want to talk about Polish culture, sure it is more family orientated in general than western wenches. On the other hand contrary to some silly stereotypes Polish women are head strong and their position in reality is much stronger than in the west. Regardless of the law and PC culture is posing for bestowing on women all kind of privileges some fair, some unfair and some plainly stupid and immoral.

What's wrong with that today?

Well, a welfare state for one and a neo-Marxist culture that sip its destructive poison into society.

Yeah wulkan i was talking about her brothers

No you're talking garbage. Przemek, Marek and Lukasz if you're looking for a typical Polish name today.
Krevesyn - | 12
10 Sep 2017 #22
Conservative Lol all white chicks have got a breakup potential
Western ones just straight away ask for money and murder you right away
Poles and slavs Fall in love with you ask for small amounts of money rents tuition iphones etc maybe marry you (if she aint getting her pr easily otherwise she will leave hehhe) then have a child maybe then divorce you and ask for alimony and child support and **** some other guy with your dick in your hand Iff other guy is richer than you she gonna marry him

Thats called death by a thousand cuts
Just get into her pants and be ready to face her brothers
Dont go for marriage ever
Adeebee - | 2
11 Sep 2017 #23
I am interested in meeting a polish women in Poland. I am a Nigerian. Please is there a forum or dating relationship mobile chat I can meet any. Am single and a graduate .
Wulkan - | 3,243
12 Sep 2017 #24
I am interested in meeting a polish women in Poland.

Why not meeting her in Nigeria?
Adeebee - | 2
12 Sep 2017 #25
You are right dear but I need a change of environment, and location. I love white ladies and need a true love.
nothanks - | 640
13 Sep 2017 #26

Why go thru the Polish hurdles: her family won't approve, you will be judged in the neighborhood and your mixed child will feel out of place. Head West my friend. Your son/daughter can even be President/Prime Minister one day. Unless you are wealthy (by European standards), you are better off finding a Polish girl in the UK/USA if that is what you are fixated on.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
14 Sep 2017 #27

Polish girls tend to be more traditional and conservative. Theres many that date and even end up marrying foreigners though esp now that poland has opened up. However id be careful bc some of them are gold diggers
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
14 Sep 2017 #28

You may have a lil trouble with that in all honesty. There are some polish girls that date outside their race and the number is increasing gradually but its still rather rare with marriage being even rarer. If you have uk us etc citizenship and/or are wealthy youll have a leg up but that means the girl will like you for what you have and not who you are.

Poland is a very homogenous country. Dating outside your race esp for a woman is still considered a bit taboo by many in society. However views are gradually changing as poles have been more and more exposed to the rest of the world. Many have lived in multi ethnic countries like us uk Germany etc so they've got to meet people of other nationalities and have changed their views. Nonetheless imo you'll still have a hard time finding a polish girl in poland to date let alone marry. There's a good chance her family and friends would criticize her for dating a black guy and not accept you. Like I said though these attitudes are gradually changing but nonetheless thats still how it is. I was born and raised in poland and travel there a lot and in visits I can count on one hand the amount of times ive seen a black and polish couple.
17 Sep 2017 #29

What you said about certain types of women above can probably be applied to about half the women you will meet anywhere.

Their propensity to talk shite about 'hating that type of man' yet always choosing 'that type of man' is as common in Poland as anywhere else. The only problem with avoiding pubs and clubs is you really begin to see how hard it is to meet women at all then. This is something all men struggle with.

It is not like Catholic cultures like Poland, Austria or even supposedly Catholic ones like Ireland tend to encourage approaching women away from pubs/clubs. The idea of approaching someone in a cafe or shop or tram in Poland/Ireland/Austria would be considered certifiable. I am not joking. Although in Ireland it is easy enough to meet a woman on the bus or train, but that is because we have many nationalities of women and almost more women than men.

Women will also complain about men annoying them in pubs/clubs, yet this is the most common place and in some cities/countries, almost the only place to meet someone without being regarded as a creep/psycho.

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