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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 5)

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Coming as a foreign Exchange Student - Information about school life in Poland
11 - Learning polish would be the crucial part of surviving in Poland....

Studysuperkill - 26 Jan 2011 Nathans - 28 Nov 2015
Polish Banks - any chance for a student loan?
Internship Poland (marketing / communication / PR)
Where to study in Poland? Wroclaw University, Uniwersytet Gdanski or Lazarski?
For a student in Poland - how do they do internship?
Health certificate for a school in Poland
Do any places in Poland teach people eastern languages like Farsi/Persian Arabic ...
Media, graphic or digital Design Program, education, schools in Poland
Transferring my studies from Wroclaw to Warsaw? How easy or difficult it is? What's the required process?
Portugese erasmus student moving To Poznan. Job, rent, language?
English primary schools for foreigners in Katowice
How to find a cooking class in Poland that has support for English speakers?
Application deadline for the study, payment method; UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW
Looking for a private Dorm in Warsaw!
From UK to Poland - studying for a Masters Degree in Warsaw
Study in Krakow, opinions about the University of Economics
Student life (with a dog) in Lodz, Poland
18 - Have you considered Szczecin?

StudyYmse - 15 Aug 2015 Roger5 - 17 Aug 2015
I got accepted into a university in Gliwice, Poland!  2
Going to Poland for University - Galician/Prussian/Hungarian Heritage
5 - That sort of thing will be looked at weirdly, to be fair....

Studyavw1993 - 11 Aug 2015 delphiandomine - 12 Aug 2015
Study. Work. Life. Business - Warsaw University
Nostrification - Do I need to do the process again if transfering to another Polish university?
Postgraduate course at the Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny in Wroclaw - is it worth to do it?
Formalities For Studying In Poland - Sponsoring
22 - Jamaica...

StudyHowie2014 - 2 Aug 2015 Howie2014 - 3 Aug 2015
Studying in University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw (3d animation and visual effects)
5 - No, but PolaƄski and Wajda did....

Studypotatopie - 27 Jul 2015 Roger5 - 29 Jul 2015
The quality of study in Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska) / Polish in one year
Thoughts on chemical engineering education in Poland / Silesia University of Technology
Studying Marketing, Branding, Communication in Warsaw, any good university?
Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk is a good or bad one?
Quality issues in Politechnika Wroclawska. Planning for Politechnika Warszawska. Suggestions.  2
Admitted To Warsaw University Of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska)  2  3
Polish language classes in Poland, advice needed!
Anyone know if any college in Poland offers programs for Liberal Arts in English?
Biotechnology in Poland. Is it tough to get admission into Polish university? Which to choose?
8 - Not very good. Read my response further up in this thread....

Studymambo7 - 29 Jan 2015 DominicB - 21 May 2015
Information Needed: Skarbek University, Warsaw.  2
German v.s. Russian, language usefulness in Poland?  2
54 - ..and quite another, to actually speak it fluently:-)...

Studycody689 - 21 Mar 2010 Lyzko - 19 May 2015
Rumor about racism - will I be fine in Poland as a black International student from Africa?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Is it possible for me to just study for 3 months in Poland?
What do you think about Study Fun and Think Poland?
Scholarships from English speaking countries for college students in Poland.
Like to know More about Work Chances in Poland after finish Study.
3 - Thank you very much for the information....

StudyDany India - 14 Apr 2015 Dany India - 17 Apr 2015
India citizen in Poland - want to study in Wroclaw
Warsaw School of Economics vs Jagiellonian University
Homeschooling in Poland - possible to apply?
Living in POZNAN in the Eskulap dormitory - big deal?  2
47 - Not that many, given the size of the city, but certainly more every year....

StudyFirst_Time_In_Poznan - 4 Jul 2006 Harry - 10 Apr 2015
Traditional Folk Dancing Lessons in Krakow?
3 - Thanks for the links Looker....

Studynealjp - 5 Apr 2015 nealjp - 7 Apr 2015
Would attending a Cosmetology school in Poland also allow me to work in the US?
Studying music in Poland
MBA in Poland for 40+ and older?  2  3
Erasmus in Kozminski - Warsaw - how difficult are the courses? Dormitories, area of stay.
Graduate English programs in Poland
Graduate school in Poland (Poznan University)? Or I should choose Boston.
2 - If you don't speak Polish it may be hard for you to get a job here if that was...

StudyLoneWolf1 - 4 Mar 2015 UncleGoodAdvice - 4 Mar 2015
Completing a Master's thesis / praca magisterska in Poland
4 - Writing a Master's thesis in Poland is not as hard as it may sound; you can do it at...

StudystudentInPoland - 29 Mar 2011 Nathans - 15 Feb 2015
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)-how is it there
Admissions to Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland - interview experience
What are the steps for a stay permit (due to studies in Poland)?
University of Lodz - transfer study rules in Poland, nostrification
Business PhD or medical schools in Lodz that speak English
Help learning polish language in Wroclaw (any good language school)?
Archeology studies in Poland?

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