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Subhash_kumar 1 | -
8 Apr 2012 #1
hello everyone

i am subhash kumar biomedical undergraduate from india and i am willing to do my higher studies from "Warsaw university" and the course is "Msc in Global Production Engineering and Management "and i need to know how is this course and future career in poland after doing this course. Another problem is that i only know english and so is there is any problem in getting a part time job . and how is social life of people who only knows English.

Please guide me.

sefuq - | 1
8 Jun 2014 #2
[Moved from]: Warsaw street life? Is there any web page about it?


I was an erasmus student at warsaw for 4 moths. At first I dont like it at all, but later I fell in love with Warsaw. It was almost 7 years ago.

So, I dont want to break off with warsaw, I want to get the latest news about it. Is there web page for life in warsaw?
10 Jun 2014 #3
What's your question about street life in Warsaw, we could help ;)
Looker - | 1,134
14 Nov 2014 #4
Warsaw University is very reputable school in Poland, regardless which course you'll take it will be good as the academy is known not only in our country. But of course the graduation alone won't be enough. If you want to find a decent job, you need to have practical skills. And only English is rather not sufficient nowadays.

Part time job is also hard to find, unless you're a cook, maybe waiter, plumber or electrician.. Well, you may also do leafleting.
Check other threads on PF - here are plenty similar questions about part job for students and life in Poland.
27 Feb 2015 #5
i have applied war saw University for my masters. guys someone cud pls give me information about university and life in Poland?
Jishan - | 1
11 Aug 2015 #6
Merged: Experience in Poland

Can any international student share their experience in Poland during and after their studies? I am going to come in October 2015 for pursuing my Bachelors in Mechatronics at Warsaw University of Technology from India. Guyz please share your experiences.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
11 Aug 2015 #7
Well, first piece of advice - there are no jobs. None. Don't come here if you need to work here.
11 Aug 2015 #8
There are jobs here!

Just make your own job!

If delphiandomine where correct, then this country would still be in the stone age, it was foreigners who taught Polish people the Latin alphabet and how to read, every other technology here was brought by foreigners.

Create your own job and help Poland!

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