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Second Bachelor's in Poland?

29 Jan 2016 #1
Hi all!

I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about obtaining a second BA in Poland. Primarily, is this something that the Polish universities would entertain?

(The vast majority of schools I looked into in the US outright state that they will not admit students seeking a second BA, which is why I'm inquiring about if this is the case in Poland.)
terri 1 | 1,665
30 Jan 2016 #2
Any University would take you, as long as you pay the full fee.
kpc21 1 | 763
30 Jan 2016 #3
In Poland it's not a problem.

For some time it was so that the student had to pay for the studies for the second BA, now it's no longer so because the constitution tribunal said it was against the constitution, but it doesn't concern you since when you are from the US, you have to pay anyway.
OP PolskaStudy
5 Feb 2016 #4
Thanks for the responses guys!

The question really was just would they consider a student wanting a second BA or not. Tuition is really not an issue. (Three years is a fraction of the cost of one year, pre-financial aid, at a cheapie school here after all.)
terri 1 | 1,665
5 Feb 2016 #5
If you want to study for a third, fourth, fifth BA - all Universities will take you as long as you pay. There is absolutely nothing and nobody stopping you studying for at least 10 BA's - as long as you can cover the costs.
OP PolskaStudy
5 Feb 2016 #6

Hearing this truly makes me feel better as I'm heading into submitting applications! Thanks again!

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