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Internship Poland (marketing / communication / PR)

sophiamaria 1 | 1
20 Nov 2015 #1
Hello hello!

I was wondering how to find an internship in Poland for marketing/communication/pr (for someone who isnt a 100% in writing/speaking)?

I currently live and study in The Netherlands in communication (which is very spread out at my school : intern communication, events, pr, marketing, marketingcommunication etc.)

I am polish (&dutch/italian) but we came very quickly to The Netherlands so unfortunetely i never learned the polish language like i would have in school, in Poland. Especially the writing part haha :).

Speaking nor reading isnt a problem.
So that is why im looking for an internship that is international, or where i atleast wont have to write multiple pages in Polish as it wouldnt be a 100% correct :).

-do speak:
*dutch, fluent
*english, almost fluent (?), i will be trying out for cambridge c1 or c2 level (advised by my teachers) but there could be some spellingerrors in this post so dont pin me up on those hehe

*polish, i would say speaking not bad, i do often get compliments on my polish accent etc. writing will definitely include some errors.
*french, average
*german, average
*spanish, not too good

I did apply to the dutch ambasady in warszawa which i havent heard back from yet.
I just wrote a letter for an internship at PayPal and Transenter.

Anyone any sugestions? Or companies i could Look up? I would be very grateful!

Thank you all in advance and sorry for the long post haha.
jamesrayappa - | 1
21 Nov 2015 #2
We are an IT company Assisi-E Technologies looking for Inters Marketing in IT sector (Krakow, warsaw, etc). Please look into our website at If you are interested please email us at
OP sophiamaria 1 | 1
22 Nov 2015 #3
Thank you! I really appreciate it. Have looked into it and will def send my resume and motivation :)

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