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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 6)

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Which city to be an exchange student for? (Medicine)
Polish schools and Polish educational system level in your eyes  2  3  4  5
Printing/Etching/Lithography studies in Poland
Any good academy of arts in Warsaw?
2 - What kind of art you are interested in? If painting - the below is a good academy in...

Studyhelpless person - 18 Feb 2011 Looker - 25 Dec 2014
Danish girl moving to Warsaw as an Erasmus-student - where should I live?
Best (physics) programme in Poland
I would like to pass examine for get diploma of French language in Warsaw...
A Polish for foreigners school in the Lubin, Polkowice, or Chojnow area?
Learning Polish in Krakow - do you know any private teachers?
Speaking Polish - any programs that allow you to practice spoken language?
3 - I can strongly recommend ! Both coursebook and online lessons with teachers!...

Studywhimsicaleight - 21 Nov 2014 annahoffmann - 22 Nov 2014
Warsaw University of Technology - Power engineering or production engineering & management?
14 - okey thank you...

StudyAhmedAly - 30 Mar 2014 shishir - 5 Nov 2014
Medical Student Volunteer Organisations in Poland?
2 - Look at Redemptoris Missio Foundation:

StudyClaudiaHaber - 28 Oct 2012 Looker - 2 Nov 2014
UK and Polish university - is it legal to study at both?
Universities in Poland and ancient Polish pride
Training for Teaching Assistants in Warsaw
Is doing study courses by correspondence popular among Polish people?
Students Clubs in Warsaw - young adult is looking for fun
How do Polish universities compare with those of other Central/Eastern European countries?
Dj School in Krakow?
Would it be better to study in Poland or Canada? What is also a useful degree to study?
Which is the best university in Warsaw? (I want to study MSc.Bioinformatics)
× Discrimination & humiliation of non-white students by Polish professor at Med Uni
18 - In all countries in the EU there are minorities who believe they get a bad deal. If you...

StudyMedical Student - 9 Sep 2014 Scot's indie - 13 Sep 2014
Biostatistics course in Warsaw?
Choosing school in Wroclaw; International and British, German
Polonica Polish Language Camp in Poland
Is it possible to apply for a student visa upon arrival in Poland?
Warsaw University residence accounts numbers
7 - I love Polish people, thanks you my friend...

StudyAhmedAly - 17 Aug 2014 AhmedAly - 18 Aug 2014
Where I should study journalism(in Poland )  2
32 - Heeey , I am not crazy:) I like to write with the smile ")" in the end.I don't...

StudyAnastasiaKK - 11 Aug 2014 AnastasiaKK - 12 Aug 2014
Polish for English speakers school in Lublin?
Do any Polish universities offer a 3 year MSc in Pharmacology or Pharmacy?
Edu Edu online, English language school - does anyone have any knowledge of this?
Where in Poland can I obtain Certified Copies of foreign Educational certificates?
3 - Ok. Thank you. I will try to find a Notariusz here in Krakow in order to do that....

Studylocal_fela - 30 Jul 2014 local_fela - 2 Aug 2014
Information about Zespol Szkol - in northwest Warsaw school - I'm Chinese
Student in Warsaw - is 9000 ZL enough to live and pay expenses?
Opinions about '2 weeks intensive Polish course'
Advice needed for a French student on living in Katowice for a semester
7 - Thank you all, that was very helpful. And maybe a little scary too lol....

StudyBandecdc - 6 Jul 2014 Bandecdc - 7 Jul 2014
× Is there a lot of racism in Warsaw (Brazilian student's question)  2  3
84 - thanks / obrigada...

Studymannybrasil - 23 Feb 2010 Guest - 4 Jul 2014
I have a scholarship for Warsaw university and would like to know about living in Poland
Where can I find a good and free place to study in Warsaw? (if possible with WiFi)
9 - Check libraries opening times. Otherwise you can just go to some cafe and buy one....

Studyjorgehuaman - 1 Aug 2012 Monitor - 13 Jun 2014
Entry into University of Warsaw - What exams I need to pass? Level of Polish and two other languages
Warsaw University starting September, advice needed on expenses
Advertising studies in Poland a good idea ?
Studying in Poland after 9th grade (for international students)
Where to study IT - average French school, or one of the best in Poland ?
Elementary Schools in Krakow. Foreign children acceptance.
Cost of studying music in Poland
Opinion required on teaching standards of Polands technology universities
Comparison between Warsaw and Krakow technical universities
preparatory Polish language courses
Seeking a 1 year English PREPARATORY COURSE in Poznan ( B2 Qualification )
Questions about studying at UAM In Poznan ( US citizen )
School of Polish for Foreigners at the University of Lodz  2
American Muslim girl thinking to go to Medical school in Poland...  2  3
Looking for a top ranked university with affordable tuition, good FT rankings in Europe? Kozminski University!
Cheap Polish language school in Krakow? and cheap mobile unlocking shop in Krakow??
POLA Language Course - how is it?
3 - Thanks! I've checked them out and they look good. I might end up going there actually ^.^...

Studyenvythenight - 7 Feb 2014 envythenight - 10 Feb 2014
Shocking! Test standards in Polish schools.  2  3  4  5  6
Study Polish in Poland at Non University

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