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A foreign student wants to study Tourism. Visa in Poland?

2 Mar 2012 #1

I am student from Nepal,currently I cleared my senior secondary from NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling) also called open board.I got 62% and now I want to study Bachelor in Tourism in Poland with low tuition fee could please suggest me,the university. I also appeared IELTS exam and gained 6.5 ,is it ok with the polish universities. So that I can move a head.And another question Is it true that if once we get polish visa we get to work in Shenzhen countries as well ,when we are free. Lastly,Your suggestion will play a great role in my life ,please let me know.

And also,let me know what are the requirements to study in Poland,I mean documents cause.

14 Oct 2012 #2
If u r interested to pursue MBA degree (1 year) in reputed university in warsaw poland. Please write me:
Tuition fee for whole course: 5000 Euro , can be paid in 2 installments, 2500 Euro Each.
Orpheus - | 114
14 Oct 2012 #3
in reputed university in warsaw poland

Oh, how the truth will out!
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
14 Oct 2012 #4
There are three decent schools for studying tourism and hospitality management.

Two of them are in Switzerland.

This is simply a case of availing of a student visa to decamp oneself into an EU nation.
Walker Nepal - | 1
10 Mar 2015 #5
Merged: Student visas

I m graduate student in bachelor in hospitality and tourism management . So now I am going to apply for master degree on hospitality and tourism in Poland . I found Poland as a unique destination for study's hospitality and tourism management among other countries in Europe and I also heard about the hospitality and tourism business of Poland is much more different in Europe . With my studies I also want to have a good experience on the field of hospitality as employee or as a trainee . So , is there any guidelines or answers that I can get from you citizens wether I should go for it or not ??? And my agent is suggesting me Warsaw university ... Is it possible ???

Related: Which academic or school in Poland can I submit my request?

I am planing to study polish but I am a foreign where I actually need to submit a visa for Poland.
well I want to know If I can go study polish in Poland and which academic or school can I submit my request?
Please help me!

Meaning as "studying in Poland" is actually a way to get into Schengen?
Nikunj patel
27 Dec 2015 #6
Hiiii i am nikunj .. I have been completed Bachelor in finance. I want to be study in MBA. CAN I WORK WITH STUDY?

Related: Just wanna say big hi to every body here. I already had my degree in Economics and planing to have my master in the field of tourism, gonna appreciate if any one could help me out with some universities that offer the course.
dariadud - | 2
26 Jan 2016 #7
yes, you can. check out the courses at economics university in krakow. i am a student from that one and i know that two year sbacj they opened the stream turism.... not sure if they are giving lectures in english but pobably yes as you can meet many foreigners over here... the web page of that uni is: you will have also the page option in english for your choice! good the way i am already into sreat: international turism management!

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