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Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk is a good or bad one?

22 Jun 2015 #1
Hello everyone :)
I am a foreign student who would like to study in Poland. I am interested in Tourism and Hotel Industry and was advised to go to Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk - Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Hotelarstwa w Gdańsku, due to its pratical studying.

Here is its website:
I have searched on Google but not found helpful review and ranking. Would you please tell me that if it is a good university in Poland? Or just a waste of money?

PS: Some people suggest me to go to Vistula for this field, but some Polish friends of mine say it's just a waste of time and money due to its worthless diploma.

I appreciate any answer. Thank you so much :D
Looker - | 1,122
22 Jun 2015 #2
They advertise themselves as one of the best tourism schools in Poland.

With a great pleasure we want to inform you that in the ranking of universities specialized in tourism in 2015, our academy was at the forefront. Ranking was conducted by the magazine "Tourism News" where the universities were evaluated primarily for vocational training, including language training, practice or classes with computer laboratories. When assessing the course also taken into account were: faculty, cooperation with businesses and the internationalization of the University.

Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk is known as one of the best private higher education institutions in the field of tourism and recreation in the northern Poland (according the ranking of the magazine "Tourism News" 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 even the best one). Students study in an intellectually tolerant, vigorously challenging and academically supportive environment.

This school took the third place and the first was the Higher School of Tourism and Foreign Languages in Warsaw.

I skimmed also quickly through some students/graduates reviews, and generally the Academy of Tourism in Gdansk is rated very well: a lot of practical and trips, interesting faculty, although more to study after the first year, not hard to finish overall.
DominicB - | 2,709
23 Jun 2015 #3
Tourism and Hotel Management

As far as Poland, Western Europe and the English speaking countries are concerned, tourism and hotel management is a pretty useless thing to study. There are many, many more graduates in these fields in Poland than there are jobs available, and that goes for most other countries, too. So make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will not be able to find work in Poland or the other countries of the EU after you finish. You have to find out whether this degree is worth anything in your home country. Best to talk to people in the field, especially those who make hiring decisions.

Generally, Poland is not a good country for foreigners to study in. There are no part-time jobs available for students, so you will have to pay for your studies and your stay all by yourself. Unemployment is high in Poland, so it is unlikely that you will find work there after you graduate. So make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will not earn a single penny in Poland during your studies or afterward.

Neither this school or Vistula is a real university, so the degrees from there are not worth very much on the job market.

If you want to find work in the EU or in an English speaking country, then study something useful with a lot of math like financial engineering, financial mathematics or actuarial sciences. You could then specialize in the tourism and hospitality industry and easily find a job.

Or study a highly-paid, highly in-demand engineering field like petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering.

Math is money, and it opens a lot of doors. It might be worth taking a year or two off and brushing up on your math so that you can get into a good program.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jun 2015 #4
@AnnYu: Be aware that all these "wyzsza szkole" are considered no more than Mickey Mouse schools in Poland and their "diplomas" are Worth nothing not only in Poland but also everywhere else.

Vistula too is no university, it's a school with no special reputation owned by some Turk and here again diplomas are worthless.

"Studying" at such schools and such topis is pure waste of time and money. Diplomas are Worth nothing and in Poland jobs in touristic industry are scarce and paid peanuts.

Sorry, but your "plan" does not make sense.
OP AnnYu
24 Jun 2015 #5
Thank you guys so much,
However I wonder why hotel management is a pretty useless thing to study? As I know, 4 and 5-star employees got a very good income, especially manager and supervisor :-? That school is near Sweden and German, and students can intern abroad, I think it's a good chance :-?
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Jun 2015 #6
why hotel management is a pretty useless thing to study?

Because far too many people study easy, math-free subjects like hotel management, recreation and tourism, so there are way too many graduates each year for the few management jobs available. Everybody wants to be a manager, so management courses are very popular, and therefore useless.

Also, you don't need a degree in hotel management to get a job as a hotel manager. You don't need a degree at all. It's not rocket science, and the employer will train you in all you need to know anyway. Why spend three or four years getting a degree in something you can learn in a couple of months. Your chances are probably better if you have something like an accounting degree and certificate.

The WORST way to get into management is to study management (unless it's at an incredibly good school, not someplace in Poland). Study something useful, like the fields that I mentioned above, and you will earn a lot more than any hotel manager makes.

Also, if you think that you are going to get a job as a manager in Germany or Sweden without advanced knowledge of those languages, forget about it. And studying in Poland is not going to help to much because Polish is very different from German or Swedish. Your much more likely to end up as a low-paid chambermaid.

If you want a better life for yourself, think big and think math. Lots and lots of math. And study highly paid fields like financial engineering, financial mathematics, econometrics or petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering. If your studies are easy and not math-intensive, chances are high that you will end up earning little money, if you find work at all.

Sorry, but studying in Poland rarely makes sense for foreigners, and you are no exception. And studying management rarely makes sense unless you go to a top school. Best work, work, work at the math so that you have a very high chance of following a successful, highly-paid and satisfying career. Even if it means taking a year or two now to bring your math up to the level that you can study something serious, it will be well worth it. Your children will love you for it.

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