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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 7)

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"English studies" - Questions about studying in Poland
International Schools in Krakow - ISK and BISC?
AGH UST: Master in Biomedical Engineering: Emerging Health Care Technologies
Are Masters in Poland free of charge for EE citizens? (English)
Humanities no longer in the top 10 of the most popular fields of study in Poland
Universities in Poland, will studying here be cheaper than in North America?
Information on studying at Torun University and rental costs for apartments
4 - They are very helpful. Call them...

Studycesitliolaylar - 6 Jan 2014 enkidu - 7 Jan 2014
How difficult is to be accepted as an international Undergraduate student in University of Warsaw?
Are there any German or British universities in Poland?
Production Management - Wroclaw University 2012
Masters in Production management at Wroclaw University. Advice on acceptance process/visa required
Canadian Pol wants to study in Warsaw Poland
9 - Right, go for it! Oh btw I love Canada it looks sweet ass! I am 3/4 Polish and 1/4...

StudySwoleDon - 26 Nov 2013 American Dudz - 27 Nov 2013
The worst of Polish education. No wonder Polish universities are bottom of the list.  2  3  4  5
Secondary education in Poland
20 - - here they have 1385...

StudyBarney - 15 Feb 2012 Monitor - 25 Nov 2013
Where are the best Make-up Schools in Poland?
5 - Hi Mylene, which school of makeup you did in poland?...

StudyNicky111 - 9 Feb 2012 LuízaGenro - 27 Oct 2013
The costs involved for studying at Polish Universities. Is education in Poland free?
My experience in Poland (Poznan) as a student who recently moved from Syria  2  3  4
118 - my parents are back in syria yes . About the situation ,syrians have so many facebook pages and...

Studydany_moussalli - 18 Sep 2013 dany_moussalli - 8 Oct 2013
SGH - MA in Fin & Acct with ACCA
5 - @CMS - Thank You! Well - glad it would count as something... :) I wouldn't care if it count...

StudyDonewithRainbow - 23 Sep 2013 DonewithRainbow - 25 Sep 2013
Teaching and assessment methods in Polish universities
AFRICAN STUDENTS INVASION in Krakow  2  3  4  5  6  7
Foreigner in Gliwice to study - is it safe?
Living in Poland for students - is any chance to earn money and pay tuition fees to university?
Gdańsk University of Technology- good school? Job opportunities after graduation?
Tips/advice for an Erasmus student in Lodz
It is difficult to get high grades (4.5 or 5) at Polish Universities?
5 - It depends on University and teacher....

Studyjeanjean - 2 Sep 2013 Monitor - 2 Sep 2013
Jagiellonian university info (types of classes etc.)
Studying in Poland in English  2
35 - what decision did you end up making?...

Studybasiaa - 5 Aug 2007 sylwiaf15 - 17 Aug 2013
Which language to learn in my university course? Polish Or German?  2
Polish language courses....Suggestions wanted.
12 - Polish language course via Facebook: PLC-Polish-Language-Courses :)...

StudyArcticPaul - 10 Apr 2008 martatoma - 2 Aug 2013
Msc Mining & Power at Wroclaw University
Top Warsaw university recommends remedial classes to new students
Halal food in Rzeszow and part time jobs for international student in Poland
24 - Thanx fellow, that's a great piece of information....

Studynomanrasheed - 11 Jul 2013 nomanrasheed - 13 Jul 2013
I want to move Poland from Chicago area and study.. Job prospects, cost of food, healthcare, other expenses
International medium schools in Lodz?
Studying "English Language & Literature" thoroughly in English language in Poland
Fake degree in Poland - legal consequence?
5 - One day or another, it may surface. Wanna take a risk?...

Studyalpha177 - 21 Jun 2013 pawian - 21 Jun 2013
Question about Poland's SGH university - is the degree appreciated in other countries?
Times Higher Education rankings 2012 Poland's top universities at end!  2  3  4
Poligloci Language School...Anybody Heard Of Them...?
Best City Selection for a Student in Poland? quality of university, liveability, nightlife, price
Inexpensive study in Warsaw for international student
Study about law in Polish?
National Louis University Nowy Sacz
anyone from Pedagogical University of Cracow? (Krakow)
8 - Very much so Paulina....

Studyerasmuscracow - 20 Mar 2013 Harry - 20 Mar 2013
Good math book (math analysis) in English? Computer sciense study in Poland.
5 - sure thanks :)...

Studyimano - 21 Dec 2012 imano - 10 Mar 2013
Is it possible to study, work and do sports training in Poland?
International marketing? Which one to choose?
British Council for Celta, Warsaw
A Katowice Language School Recommendation, Please?
Is Poland a good place to study for Black Africans?  2  3
90 - Highly recommended it :)...

Studykamau - 17 Jul 2009 wang - 15 Feb 2013
Bachelor's in aerospace in Poland - how high is the level?
Is ERASMUS students in Poland allowed to go to another student´s dormitories?
13 - You have to talk to the dorm administrator...

StudyGuest - 28 Apr 2009 Lenka - 2 Feb 2013
Moroccan dude wants to study in Poland
Online Education at Poland's universities?
Any good value Polish language schools that offer longer term courses and accommodation?
Phd Studies in Polish Academy of Sciences or University of Economics Poznan?
Comming to Poland Soon.. interested in medicine studies
6 - It's a lot to do with the quality of the courses - it's an open secret that you...

StudyJimon30 - 27 Sep 2012 delphiandomine - 4 Oct 2012
How can I study in Poland? Is my high school certificate enough?
30 - Check this site: ... ... ... Yes....

StudyRasul Mammadli - 30 Sep 2012 pawian - 30 Sep 2012
A female Asian student considers studying in Poland
What subjects are taught as general ed in average Polish highschools?

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