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American Studying abroad in Wroclaw

camaca 1 | 1
19 Mar 2016 #1
I am going to be studying abroad in Wroclaw for a year and I have a few questions about my stay. The first question is, do a lot of people in Wroclaw speak English? Another thing I would like to know is how much money would be ideal. I am going to be here for 10 months. My study abroad program will be giving me 900 zloty a month for food which can be used at restaurants and the schools cafeteria. I was hoping to take anywhere between 3000 - 4000 USD with me for the trip. I will have to buy my own textbooks for classes and everything else. I know that I want to go to a few places while in Europe, Madrid and Amsterdam. I probably will go on a couple more. Would this be enough money for that?

I am also curious about the nightlife for students? Are there any good clubs or pubs that a majority of students go too?
I am really excited about Wroclaw and I just want to know as much about the area as possible before I leave in September.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
19 Mar 2016 #2
Okay, first things first - look on Facebook for ESN Wrocław - and choose the one for the university you'll be studying at. That's your social life sorted.

Yes, most young people will speak English, so you don't have to worry there. Some better than others, but you won't have any problem with that.

Money - what about your accommodation?
OP camaca 1 | 1
20 Mar 2016 #3
Alright that's good. And I don't have to worry about accommodation. I'll be staying at university provided housing at Wroclaw university. Only bill I believe I will have to worry about on a month to month basis is a cell phone if I even opt to have one. I have my mac computer so I will be able to communicate back home with iMessage and FaceTime as longs I have wifi.

Merged: Estimate for how much money for 10 months in Poland (Wroclaw)?

I will be spending 10 months in Poland for a study abroad program and I would like to know how much money would be a good amount to have. I will not have to pay for accommodation. I will also be receiving a stipend of 900 zloty every month which is supposed to be for food but I can use for other things as well including going out which I probably plan on doing about 3 or 4 times a week. I might get a very basic cell phone although I won't necessarily need it because my laptop can handle all of my cell phone capabilities. I also want to travel to a few place while in Poland including; Madrid, Amsterdam and maybe a few others. Could someone give me an estimate to how much money would be ideal for 10 months without having to pay for accommodation and food?

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