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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 8)

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what kind of job I can work during university? (Krakow)
Learning polish in Poland - best schools?
Cost of a private Pre-School in Poland
I would like to know if Poznan is a good place to study?
Film study in Poland
How long can one international student get teaching certificate in Polish uni?
Starting my internship in Łódź Technical University - should i learn Polish very well?
Studying Polish in Poland for a Polish Citizen
7 - And Polonus Lodz has good teachers. So you can learn Polish with high efficiency...

Studyahdahsh - 13 May 2012 polsunsler - 28 Jun 2012
Irish student to choose between Univeristy of Lodz or Silesia.
Polish Language Programs in Poland
Cost of Polish lessons, courses (private)  2
Working in Walbrzych - studying&meeting Polish?
Is it really worth moving back to Poland to study in a pharmacy school?  2
Cost of Living: Warsaw University
5 - You mean paying for rent and fooding and utilities?...

StudyRaul - 7 May 2012 Raul - 8 May 2012
What classes are offered in Polish schools?
A good Yoga school in Warsaw
Go on ERASMUS in Warsawa or Krakow?
Polish preschools in Warsaw?
Brazilian girl considering going to wroclaw university for my master degree.
Polish Education System (survey)
Recommend Me some Reputable Language Schools in Krakow, Please!
I am coming to study at the University in Wroclaw and have some questions about employment
How do Polish students support themselves? Government suport for students in Poland?
Have you studied at Open University in Poland?
Age for Med School in Poland
16 - Latest story is that the 2nd "faculty" is now paid for - this year was the last year...

Studypatrick - 8 Jan 2012 delphiandomine - 8 Jan 2012
Private school in Krakow (not the international one) for my child?
Russian school for kids 8 y.o in Poland (Krakow, Wroclaw)
Studying Computer Science in Poland - books to read before entering the University
Ever meet a non-Polish teacher at a Polish university?
Eastern European Studies internship/ job
10 - I think that it should not be a problem to find an intership in Poland as an American student...

Studyclifborder4fm - 22 Nov 2010 LwowskaKrakow - 29 Sep 2011
Swedish folks in Poland! (I want to apply for university and live in Poland)
Is polish "tytul magistra" equivalent to Masters Degree in Computer Science
A List of Schools in Poland?
Quality of Polish classes for foreigners
Learning Polish at Adam Mickiewicz University
University teaching in English? Kraków
Jagiellonian University Summer Polish Language Program - where are classes held?
Anyone know anyone/ any school that teaches Polish in/around Zakopane?
Thinking of attending Graduate School in Wroclaw Poland...
Moving to Warsaw for graduate school- need advice on relocation
When will Polish schools start to recruit for September 2011?
Studying Swedish in Krakow
Information about EILC for Erasmus students in Warsaw?
MBA in Poland in English
An electrical engineering student from Turkey wants to study in Poland
17 - Another one who is looking for a backdoor into Schengen. Long live Vienna 1683 !...

Studyturk engineer - 3 Jan 2011 sobieski - 16 Feb 2011
Student Exchange to Warsaw University of Technology (PW), cost of leaving, budget
Which Polish Universities are multilingual, and teach Psychology?  2
The reputation of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow.  2
Considerations for US Family Moving to Poland (esp. Int'l Schools)  2
Are there any other school apart from the Bell doing the CELTA in Warsaw?
12 - Thankyou for the advice. Rgs Chris...

Studynecramancer2010 - 21 Oct 2010 necramancer2010 - 25 Oct 2010
A student in University in Tunisia (mechanical engineering) wants to study in Poland
Is Gdansk the best place to study?
Want to do a PL course in Krakow this month. Where recommended?
High school entry - exams, points etc in Poland
Academy of Fine Arts - Poznan "SPOT"
Any one know about WARSAW INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE & Is it good one ?
× Starting Polish University in Krakow in October, anyone else is studying in Krakow this year?
Studia niestacjonarne? (in Polish universities)
8 - Oh, I'm getting a grasp of it! Thanks a lot for explaining it....

StudyLeonis - 15 May 2010 Leonis - 31 May 2010
Looking for an English speaking school for a 10 year old boy in Poland
4 - I will do that, Thank you so much Harry and Butterfly....

StudySuly - 8 Feb 2010 Suly - 5 Mar 2010
A Portuguese student wants to study in Poland
10 - hey guys ,in Wrocław you can get room in Centrum by 400 pln...

StudyPiaes - 1 Feb 2010 darkthejesus - 18 Feb 2010

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