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Studies fees in Poland for spouse of EU national

mk1 1 | -
26 Aug 2013 #1
Hi everyone!

I have a question about fees regulations for spouses of eu nationals, who belongs to third countries. Are they obliged to pay studies fee or they are treated as an eu nationals in this matter? Anyone has confirmed information? I will appreciate every reply.
3 Jun 2014 #2
Do you have EU residency? If so, you should be treated as part of the EU.
mrcruz27 2 | 8
3 Jun 2014 #3
If u r husband or wife of EU citizenship, you don't have to pay international fees. You ll be regarded as local student under EU law.
22 Jan 2016 #4

No, you will not be. It does not change anything that you have a husband or a wife. You must have long time eu or permament residency for study without fee ( but already its not free for polish citizens too) Generally half of the cost.

If your husband is staying in Poland based on a visa or a temporary residence card, he does not have the right to study in Poland free of charge. Only foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in Poland or long-term EU resident permit may study on the same terms as Polish citizens (including the right to enrol in a university programme at public academic institutions free of charge).
InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Jan 2016 #5
Sorry, studies in Poland are NOT free of charge even for Poles.
kpc21 1 | 763
22 Jan 2016 #6
It depends what you mean as "free of charge". Full-time studies in Poland on public universities (and other higher education institutions), if you pass all the subjects on time, ARE free of charge for the EU citizens, apart from a few tens of PLN fee once for the whole studies for issuing the student ID and a few tens of PLN each year for the civil liability insurance.

If you fail a subject and you have to repeat it in the next academic year, then you have to pay for it.

They are free, of course, in the meaning they are financed from taxes.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Jan 2016 #7
I'm not talking about the few ZL for insurance (normal) but since there are conditions and also need to buy books, it is not free. To notice too, that in Poland there are no scholarships as there are in western countries (in France, for instance, most students get scholarships from State and although not great ;) they allow tudents not to have to take employment during school year).
22 Jan 2016 #8
With temporary residency card you can not be as on the same terms as eu citizens. You have to pay for school as non-eu students. Im an eu citizen and I supposed to pay 2000 euro for my university every year.

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