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English Preschool in Warsaw

avani 1 | 3
26 Aug 2013 #1
Can you please share name of English Preschool/kindergarten in Warsaw ..
26 Aug 2013 #2
Which part of language will you live in?

Which language preschool would you prefer Polish/English/French/German?
OP avani 1 | 3
26 Aug 2013 #3
I am looking for English language preschool near by Poleczki area
27 Aug 2013 #4
I believe you mean Ursynow area, there are a couple of preschools in the Pod SkocznińÖ area with good reputations, they may be too close to the center for you if you want a place local.

Try contacting some of the schools on this list:
OP avani 1 | 3
27 Aug 2013 #5
Thanks for this link.
jaysinghk - | 1
28 May 2016 #6
Merged: Need information on schools in warsaw

dear all,

I would request for your suggestion on getting information on schools in warsaw. I am planning to come warsaw in august, i have 2 daughters aged 9 and 3.6, please suggest some good school where mode of teaching is english and not very expensive.

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