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Picking up a child from preschool in Poland. How much should I charge?

3 Sep 2013 /  #1
A colleague of my wife has asked if I would be interested in picking her 5 year old son up from preschool. I would pick him up every two weeks for the whole week, for 10 days total a month. I would then take him back to my flat and look after him for one hour.

My wife told me that her colleague pays 200zl per month for the preschool.

So how much would you think is fair to charge her per month?

Bear in mind I don't know her myself, so it's not doing a favour for a friend.

Apologies if this is not the right section for this, as none of the others seemed to work for it.
3 Sep 2013 /  #2
I'd say your hourly pay should go somewhat less then, say inexpensive English private lessons tutors would charge per hour - in your area. And more then regular child care charge without driving. My estimate 15-25 zl per hour.
3 Sep 2013 /  #3
how far is the school form you i would be looking at petrol cost plus the hour I wouldnt bother with it for less than 50pln+petrol a day

plus a 5 year old you dont know could be more hassle than its worth are you meant to be teaching him english or just watching him
3 Sep 2013 /  #4
a 5 year old you dont know could be more hassle than its worth

Indeed. Unless you can get the kid to take a nap or sit and stare at the TV like a zombie, it can be quite exasperating. And dealing with an exaperating child even for an hour can leave you drained for the rest of the evening. Don't forget to figure in the cost of any food you may have to provide. A hungry kid is not going to be well-behaved. If you're gong to be teaching the kid English, charge for that as well. 50 PLN an hour is not unfair. Whatever you want is fair as you have zero obligations toward your wife's co-worker. If she doesn't think it's fair, then she can find someone else.
OP Schmiznurf  
4 Sep 2013 /  #5
I'll be walking to pick him up and I won't be teaching him English. I don't speak Polish, so communicating with him will be near impossible. I also have a 2 year old, so I will have to get him ready and take him with me to pick him up.
4 Sep 2013 /  #6
Sounds like it's not worth the effort. Especially during winter when it's minus 20 outside and snowing hard.
4 Sep 2013 /  #7
yeah getting a two year old all dressed up to go get someone elses kid will grate on you in winter i did a favour for someone the wife works with and i will never do it again she seemed to think she was doing me the favour letting me waste my time trying to teach someone who had no interest in learning i i refuse to teach anyone at my house now as its just to much of a pain

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