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Intensive Polish Course - the best schools in Poland?

harryhull 3 | 8
25 Jun 2013 #1
Hi All

I'm looking to take an intensive Polish Course, hopefully starting soon, and wondered if anyone had any opinions on the best schools. I had a look at '' at the Centre of Polish Studies. Their 2 week course looks like it could be worth trying.

Any views would be welcome.
mateuszc234 - | 2
12 Aug 2013 #2
Hey, I can strongly reccomend you Klub Dialogu - Polish Language School for foreigners. I have a friend who has had a course there and he said that he was really satisfied. They are located near the centre of Warsaw on Gałczyńskiego 4 street, room 903. They have currently a new intensive A0 course that starts on Monday, August 19th. Classes take place from Monday to Friday, from 10am till 1pm. For more information you can send an e-mail: or call : 664-788-004. You can also check out their website (search for Klub Dialogu or learningpolishinwarsaw).
12 Aug 2013 #3
How much?
mateuszc234 - | 2
12 Aug 2013 #4
I don't know myself, but you can contact them via email, and they will surely help you. Email is
pashavolk 3 | 8
4 Jan 2014 #5

Does anyone know any Polish Course in Katowice?

Thank you
28 May 2014 #6
I can reccomend CLIL they have Polish courses in Katowice, Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Warsaw. I had 2 week intensive course last August and will come again, the courses are in small groups and very intensive, we spoke Polish all the time. Teachers: Kasia and Tomek were great:-) They also help with accommodation.
Szczerbaty 4 | 49
29 May 2014 #7
I did a couple months at this place. Lovely location.
OP jon357 74 | 21,900
29 May 2014 #8
I've heard only good things about this place too.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
29 May 2014 #9
IKO is quite good.
4 Jul 2014 #10
Merged: Best intensive courses for studying polish in Poland ( and levels)

Hello everybody! I am a 24 years old french man who's about to go to Poland at the begining of the academic to take an intensive year of polish course. After this year, I plan to apply for a Master in a polish faculty and in polish, not the english and expensive ones! But for that, I need at least a B1 level of Polish. I am taking a lot of informations about university's polish program for foreigners but I still have some questions and maybe some of you can help me : Which university has the best program in polish for foreigners? I red that £ódź has a very good one but what about Krakow and Wrocław?

About level that you get at the end of the intensive year, i received different response, Krakow tell me that if you are a total beginner (A1) you finish on A2, and if you are really really good on B1... £ódź said that you finish on B1/B2, and Wroclaw, on B1 if you are serious....

Why all these universities (with approximatively the same number of hours) deliver a different grade?

Thank you very much for your answers guys !
Monitor 14 | 1,818
4 Jul 2014 #11
I don't think that anybody has researched this topic. Find where is the biggest number of hours and try contacting people who are currently taking part in these courses. Just for comparison in Germany there is course of German language for foreigners from 0 to B1. It takes 600 x 45 min. I think that part of participants (less than 50%) manages to pass B1 test and the rest has to repeat half of it. Thus I think that it's hard to learn a language in 450 min. But most of people, after repeating half, passes it. They say that Polish is harder. I am not sure if it's the case up to level B1, but if you see that language course last less that 450 min (or 600 x 45min) then it's impossible to learn up to B1 level there.
Claudius1 - | 4
4 Jul 2014 #12
Hello bionicmorning. I teach Polish language for foreigners and last year I prepared my student and she passed B2 Polish language state exam after about 150 lessons of 45 minutes with me via... Skype. Yes, via Skype: listening, speaking, writing, grammar, pronunciation. If you are interested to start effectively learn Polish while you are still in France and do it in a cheap way, this is my teacher's profile:
randall - | 5
24 Jul 2014 #13
I can reccomend CLIL they have Polish courses in Katowice, Krakow, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Warsaw.

Is there a website for CLIL? I presume that's the name of the school. I tried googling "CLIL Katowice" but I only get links to the teaching method, also called CLIL!
OP jon357 74 | 21,900
24 Jul 2014 #14
The acronym CLIL has a specific meaning within education and there are probably thousands of references to it: try googling Polish lessons Katowice and you might get a closer result.

An unfortunate choice of name for a language school really. Probably impossible to trademark too.
randall - | 5
30 Jul 2014 #15
try googling Polish lessons Katowice and you might get a closer result.

Thanks. I googled "kursy polskiego dla obcokrajowców w Katowicach" and it gave a few results.

I searched for the same on and it gave some interesting looking results, too.
2 Dec 2014 #16
I go to Blackbird Academy, it is in Warsaw, at Krakowskie Przedmiescie 67.
Monicamonica - | 4
21 May 2015 #17
Merged: Intensive course in Wroclaw

Czesc !

I'm going to spend a month in Wroclaw this summer and I would like to get some advice about language schools there. I made some research on the internet and for the moment only Polish Street seems to fit my expectations.

Have you got any experience with polish language schools in Wroclaw ? I'd be glad if you could share.

onelife97 2 | 5
19 Jul 2015 #18
Looking for a polish language school in poznan to take the category B exams.
bbcr4 - | 6
30 Aug 2015 #19
Hi, there is a small family run language school in the north of Poland learn-polish, I think they also teach via Skype. They are based in a typical, small polish town.
31 Aug 2015 #20
You might want to check out Daria Gabryanczyk's page - the author of Polish for Dummies. (5 stars on Amazon)
Her school does online one to one lessons via Skype.

They have been teaching since 2003.
13 Mar 2016 #21
Merged: Polish Intensive Course in Poznan

I'll be moving to Poznan in May and I'm looking for a 3-4 weeks intensive Course to learn some polish. (Group learning, 4-6h p.d.)

Somehow i just found courses in Krakow or Warzaw...

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