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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 3)

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Study in Poland without English IELTS?
28 - Right again, Maf ol' bean!...

StudyJigs Dholakiya - 15 Nov 2017 Lyzko - 20 Nov 2017
How is the reactions of Polish students to foreigners students?
STUDYING IN POZNAN ( dont delete plz i need some advice!)
I'm thinking to study in the Wrocław University of Science and Technology  2
55 - @KnightCatcher Like I said - it depends how much money you have, what career you want, etc. ...

StudyWhocares386 - 30 Sep 2017 Dirk diggler - 15 Oct 2017
Good university to study at in Poland (non-EU citizen)
Need some advice about suspending this academic year in Poland
Hairstyling Academies in Warsaw?
Recrutation at Warsaw or Wroclaw University closed?
18 - Thank you guys for your answers. You have been very helpful....

StudyNiklas - 20 Sep 2017 Niklas - 20 Sep 2017
Lodz, new international school for kids?
Polish dictionaries and works by Polish authors
Studying English in Krakow, private tutors, schools or universities  2
Any Erasmus students in Poland?
16 - Hey, anyone from GUT? I'm coming this semester....

StudyDarun - 8 Apr 2010 Lalimec - 20 Aug 2017
Which out of Warsaw University of Technology CS, Eastern Mediterranean University CE, Maltepe University SE?
Need advice with admission to the University of Warsaw!! Please help!!
Question about studing Polish history and culture
20 - Oops, should be "What did......

StudyZihao Song - 8 Aug 2017 Roger5 - 12 Aug 2017
Polish universities for economics that teach in English
Attending University other than one used for Poland's Student Visa application
8 - Your guess might well correct. Somehow, I felt it might be Turkey as well....

StudyYuna5000 - 22 Jul 2017 Lyzko - 22 Jul 2017
About Polish-Japanese Academy
Study at Univ. of Information Technology and management in Rzeszow; extension letter/ accommodation/ jobs
11 - Practical advice, I think. Spot on, Dom!...

Studysubbu - 19 Dec 2011 Lyzko - 18 Jul 2017
Between Poznan University and University of Lodz. Which is the best choice? Business study
Which is the best university to study international/european law and international relation in Poland?
How hard is it to get accepted to Wroclaw University of Technology? / Unis in general?  2
Help !! I want to study Dramatic Art (Acting ) in Poland
6 - @Atch Thank you for you useful answer , and nah ! i think i'll study there in Polish language...

Studynana_is_a_panda - 26 Jun 2017 nana_is_a_panda - 5 Jul 2017
International business master degree - which Poland's university should I study?
Bachelors in Civil / Mechanical Engineering Degree in Poland  2
Young Nigerian Sets Record in Polish University  2  3
Help me In Finding Graphic Design School in Poland
Wroclaw Economic University, Lodz University or Katowice Economic university?
Information about Polish Public Schools (Warsaw) and Zerówka
Does anyone experienced study in University of Finance and Management Warsaw
Opinion about the Kozminski Business School?
Learning Polish in Warsaw - good school recommendation?  2
Studying in University of Lodz as an Indian student? What's the city like - is it safe here?  2
INDIAN student applied at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland with some delicate questions
I'm a Turkish-Muslim girl who'll go for study at Poland next year, and I'm scared of racism news at Poland.
Dorms in Wroclaw, Poland
Poznan University of Economics or University of Warsaw ?
How to get into a Polish university?
Any international student going to or have studied at Uniwersytet Warszawski (Uni. of Warsaw)?
Is there any Actuarial science degree or master in Poland ?
Gdansk / Tricity; university - information
Learning English in Warsaw, can anyone recommend a tutor/academy?
16 - Amen, Comrade!...

StudyMinkyuman - 1 Aug 2014 Lyzko - 19 Apr 2017
Wroclaw or Krakow or Bialystok to study in Poland?  2
Review of the Poznan University of Economics?
I'm going to study in Poland for 6 months and I want to know the costs of living
Studying in Poland for international student (at Warsaw University of Technology)
3 - Merged: Warsaw University of Technology review Hi , I am planning to do my masters ...

Studypoli_warszawska - 16 Jan 2017 dheerajkishor - 14 Mar 2017
Ethics of teachers dating students in Poland
Free Polish Course in Poland?
7 - @Eyahks Thank you for the information (Y) I will check it....

Studypentikost1986 - 29 Apr 2014 Udaya - 3 Mar 2017
Wroclaw - High School Student Exchange Program
3 - DominicB, thank you very much for your help. We will contact Lydia....

StudyJohnnyJRocket - 10 Feb 2017 JohnnyJRocket - 11 Feb 2017
Animation courses to study at Polish universities
5 - Hello am from India and am looking for a 3D course in Poland. Please help me out...

Studysandeepkumar - 13 Aug 2009 Anantha Raju - 10 Feb 2017
Graduate School in Poland (not Business or Teaching)
Academic year start and end months in Poland English medium schools
Do they have schools where they have subjects in English for expat children in Poland?
Wroclaw University of Technology - job prospect, living expenses, city info
Is Poland a good Place for quality education?
English Studies / European Studies (EU Law) in Poland
Student looking for an internship in Poland
5 - @ClaraAniela Good luck! I hope you find something nice and interesting....

StudyClaraAniela - 7 Jan 2017 DominicB - 7 Jan 2017
Concerning studies in Poland! Cheap options?
Apostille for a diploma from a Polish University needed
Study English in WARSAW - good academies, places, teachers or the best option

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