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Study or want to become a student in Poland? Get advice about Polish universities and academic programs. (page 4)

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Turkish guy to study at a university in Poland. Is that problem for Polish people?  2  3  4  5
139 - Why? Wall would gave doors, as I said. Several....

Studylixt1 - 6 Jul 2016 Crow - 3 Dec 2016
Study "Dental technician" in Poland and job perspectives there
I am planning to do MA in Finance & Accounts from Vistula University. Job prospects.
2 - 1.yes 2. NO 3. NO...

StudyImrankhan - 24 Nov 2016 terri - 24 Nov 2016
Poznan University of Technology - information needed (Telecommunication master)
Can a student graduate from Warsaw University before the specified time of the program?
Studying in Poznań for two years
Medical journals/magazine in Poland
3 - Thank you Ziemowit...

StudyMcdougal55 - 28 Oct 2016 Mcdougal55 - 2 Nov 2016
What would be a better city to study in being Muslim Indian - Krakow or Warsaw?
Studying in university of Warsaw or Lodz and part-time for Computer Science (Programmers) - POLAND
Studying in Lublin on IT without mathematic and physic knowledge?
11 - Nikulio, are you looking to study at WSEI ?...

StudyNIkulio - 17 Oct 2016 warsaw_wasraw - 19 Oct 2016
Coming to the University of Information Tech and Management in Rzeszow
How long can students stay in a university in Poland?
MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications at Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Anyone can recommend me some good Polish language school?
5 - I have been looking around but not successful, can u suggest me any if you know......

Studywrosdf - 6 Feb 2012 Lotus flower - 16 Sep 2016
Is there an elementary school with English as a main language in Poland?
14 - Yes, the International American School of Warsaw. Hope that helps....

Studygosiab - 25 Aug 2011 Thomas12 - 12 Sep 2016
Any information about Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz
Is the University of Warsaw good?
Poland. Things I Need to Know About Study Life
Why is that one must wait one year to repeat B1 Polish language exam!
Any probation in any Polish university for Polish speaking Turkish guy?
4 - racism is everywhere...

Studysemiczku - 15 Oct 2010 Wulkan - 14 Aug 2016
Psychology in English at University of Warsaw.
Learning at Kul Catholic University in Lublin, Poland!
5 - KUL is well known,...

StudyStian85 - 3 Dec 2009 terri - 4 Jul 2016
× Tuition Hours in Polish Universities
Wroclaw University OR Warsaw University?
11 - Warsaw will probably pay better....

Study555555 - 11 Jul 2015 Merc80s - 11 Jun 2016
Which Polish qualification? GCSE?
Pedagogical studies taught in English within Poland?
Part Time Work in Jozefow/Warsaw for Euroregional University student (MBA Program) - any chances?
Study in Gdansk and want to know about foreign student life in Poland and working environment
Wroclaw vs Warsaw vs Cracow? - Which city is better for education?
English Preschool in Warsaw
Which courses should I study in Poland? (engineering, management, computers)
How is the Radom Academy? I wonder so much things. I'm in Poland next fall.
Are English only speaking students accepted into public Wroclaw school? Spanish ones too?
Question about bachelor nursing program/university in Poland?
Is there racism in Poznan and hate crime against coloured people (students)?  2
American Studying abroad in Wroclaw
French or English or Polish schools in Poznan (for age 9 and 11)  2
Intensive Polish Course - the best schools in Poland?
Medical exemption from a Polish doctor to justify my absence - Hospital Warsaw.
Primary school education for children (PRIVATE)
Medicine school Fees in Poland
8 - If you're wanting an easier course, go to Sczecin medical school...

Studyphilipe - 7 Feb 2013 Varsovian - 22 Feb 2016
Free higher education in Poland?
WŁODZIMIERZ MĘDRZECKI - academic credentials - Warsaw University
When does the new Polish fluency exams arrive?
Second Bachelor's in Poland?
What is the basic cost of learning Polish language in Warsaw?
Clark University in Warsaw Campus (Professional Communication)
A foreign student wants to study Tourism. Visa in Poland?
Studies fees in Poland for spouse of EU national
Management or Computer Science Engineering in Poland - your experience and suggestions
Warsaw University of Life Science / Politics - opinions and suggestions
Confused about WSGE Jozefow MBA - reputation and chance for a job in Poland or abroad
Transfer ECTS credits to a Polish university...possible?
Schools to learn Polish language in Poznań?
11 - Thanks! I gonna check it out today.....

Studykepler - 12 Sep 2013 el_easy - 10 Dec 2015
Racism in Czestochowa? I'm a black student from France.
American wanting to study in Rzeszow
Thinking about completing my studies in Poland, perhaps for a permanent stay. [CANADA/M/17]
Ghana student wants to study LLB at the University Wrocław - school opinions / cost of living per month
Looking for 'reviews' of schools for expat kids in Poland
International Schools in Poznan Reviews - which is better for my child?

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