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Transferring my studies from Wroclaw to Warsaw? How easy or difficult it is? What's the required process?

15 Oct 2015 #1
Hello everybody. So I'm an international student, studying full time in Wroclaw but somehow I don't like the city or the atmosphere here plus I've been to warsaw a lot and I really like it there. People seem to be more open and not as racist as here ( True fact) so is it possible to transfer my studies ( Same program) without repeating the first year again ? and what is the process ?

I'd really appreciate it if someone can answer me as soon as possible.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
15 Oct 2015 #2
and what is the process ?

You need to speak to the Dean responsible for the programme in question. They will decide whether or not you can be admitted directly to the 2nd year, or if they aren't responsible, then they will guide you towards the right person in question.

Which universities are you transferring to and from?
OP 555555
15 Oct 2015 #3
From Wroclaw university to Warsaw university
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
15 Oct 2015 #4
From Wroclaw university to Warsaw university

It should be possible, although you might be required to take some extra classes. The best thing to do is to check the programme of study at both universities - if there's no more than 3 different modules, then it should be fine.
OP 555555
15 Oct 2015 #5
Thank you so much :) I'll try to speak with the Dean in Warsaw university about it.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
16 Oct 2015 #6
@555555: if your problem is racism, moving to another Polish university won't make any difference. Poles are not different from one area to another and re racism, if you do research including in PF, you'll will have an idea of Poland. If you want to study and live in (more) tolerant societies, you need to go to Western Europe.
terri 1 | 1,665
16 Oct 2015 #7
Best advice would be to speak to both Universities and give full detailed reasons for the transfer. Warsaw University is likely to have higher requirements than Wroclaw.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
16 Oct 2015 #8
@Terri: the guy complains about racism, not about the university and moving to another town in Poland won't make any difference. I don't understand that they come to Poland and then complain; could they not seek info before?
terri 1 | 1,665
16 Oct 2015 #9
It is very difficult for International Students to understand that racism is alive and well in Poland. They perhaps think that after a 3 year stint at 'any' Uni they will have the right to live and work in a European country. It is a great shock to them to find out that they have not been told the truth before they started all this.

Secondly, the fact that they cannot find a part-time job may be a great factor, but they knew this seeing as they do not speak Polish. What else do you expect?. It is very difficult to ascertain for certain that anyone is making any remarks about you when you don't speak the language.

I don't understand why they did not try for a University in Germany, France or any other European country.
There is very little, if anything at all, that anyone can do, if the student feels that 'racism' is a factor. He could, of course inform the local police of the fact to see if anything could be done - no chance, but you never know.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
16 Oct 2015 #10
@Terri: 100% agreed! It is terrible that they have to come in order to discover racism and lack of work for students (and others) but sorry aren't they more than naive? Everybody knows about intolerance and racism, not only in Poland but in all post-communist countries so why do they come? Furthermore, how the h... can they expect to find (student) employment without a single word of Polish and no qualifications? In Poland, I have never seen an Indian, Pakistani, Bengali or Philippino working.... The OP wants to get out of Wroclaw (supposed to be the most open city in Poland) to move to Warsaw but he'll get same problems.

In Western European countries, it's probably more difficult to get admitted to higher education.

sorry, but being naive is very dangerous...

PS: how do you want to report "racism" to local police? Unless someone is beaten up or worse, police won't intervene and besides the cops are as racist are the normal citizens.
OP 555555
17 Oct 2015 #11
Guys..... you just proved my point. I'm so sorry to say that, but you guys sounded really stupid that I couldn't hold it but laugh my a$$ off when I was reading your comment, implying that

1- I'm a non European student
2- I'm trying to find a part time job
3-That I wanna work and live in Europe
4-That I don't know about the difference between Poland and the western society
Boys... Let me explain why you sounded pretty stupid and racist again. First of all, I'm actually ''Italian'' which means I carry Italian (EU) passport, moreoever I was born and raised and lived all my life in Italy :D so technically I '' Didn't come to Europe'' but in fact, Europe is my continent xD I said i'm an international student and im not sure if you take this in school but Italy is considered a foreign country and I'm still a foreigner here. But as I said earlier, you guys are just racist, you hear the word '' International student '' then suddenly you think about I don't know, Asian guy who is trying to find a job here and marry a white woman and get EU citizenship bla bla bla and all the same crap you usually say on this very website . Moving to the next point, Why would I try to get a job here ?? I don't even need your money, you (Poles) are the ones who are literally everywhere hahaha trying to get a job in any Western country to get paid in Euros or in British pound or in Dollars just because you joined the European union. so please don't ever talk again about immigration and finding jobs thingy because you would be the last nation to talk about it, Hell even when I went to Egypt for summer vacation, I found a lot of Poles working and living there xD as if Europe is not enough for you so you even go to North African countries to find jobs there. Moving to the 3rd point, @terri you said '' why aren't ''we'' trying a German university for example. My friend, I was studying in Vienna, Austria :D so I know everything about the tolerant respective countries and their educational systems. It's me who wanted to try something ''exotic'' and try an Eastern European country just out of curiosity and Yes I know that you guys are racist and you aren't welcoming any foreigners and btw @InPolska you're the one who probably don't know much about your country. Warsaw is definitely different than Wroclaw in terms for foreigners living in both cities. People in Warsaw seem to be used to see foreigners around so they just don't care that much or they don't talk about racist crap in public with people, but here in Wroclaw there's a lot of skinheads who fight everyone who look different and I had experiences by myself just because im a little bit darker like any other Italian. Then you talk about being '' Naïve is very dangerous '' as @InPolska mentioned. Man .... who is being naïve now ?? Tell me more about how Wroclaw is the most open city in Poland. I got attacked like 4 times in 3 months. My Spanish buddies all got robbed and one of them got stabbed in the hand in the middle of the day and nobody in the street gave a single sh**t about us. Tell me then, why did my Portuguese classmate got punched in the face when he was talking to his mom on phone ?? All these racist attacks happened during the past 2 months. So probably you guys are the ones who doesn't know how racist your people are :D

Last but not least, I know what you're gonna say. '' Why don't you just leave Poland then'' and i'm just gonna say that I can do whatever I want :D Guys, I just asked about a simple university process but you turned it as always to a heavy racist discussion. But Hey ! I'm not really impressed, it's just a normal polish attitude. Since my arrival here and I've been taking Polish courses as a way to show you that I appreciate being here, and I respected the culture and the country but now, after knowing the truth about Poland, I'd say that coming here was one of my mistakes that I did in life. But we all do mistakes. I just wanna tell you, before pointing fingers and before starting to Bi**h about foreigners in your county, you should take a second and start thinking about your people who are EVEYWHERE ( Italy ,UK, Germany, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden etc etc etc) If you HATE the idea of immigration that much and you think that Poland is for poles. Then I would like to tell you get the F**k out of our countries as well ;) I don't care about European union and crap. You are still foreigners to us as well but the difference between us and you, is that we are welcoming the majority of you in our countries while you're kicking the minorities butts in yours.
Marsupial - | 886
17 Oct 2015 #12
None of those are your countries only italy so forget that, you are just lucky it was the brits and usa who kicked your nazi butt last time. I have been to italy twice and didn't like it, no way I would live there. The history part was great but I am sorry the rest including 10 dollar cups of coffee made us laugh. Italians are everywhere including here, you are the master immigrants if italy is so great than I am at a loss why there is so many of you in every country???? Lastly mate you guys are the exotics from the hot exotic darker skinned country, we are just white people and you have little to do with western europe, you are southern europe and I have never heard of it referred to as otherwise. You met some skinheads, big deal, ypur export you criminal mafia world wide and traffic drugs worldwide. Your governments swap too often.....blah blah. Go somewhere else just dont come here either.
OP 555555
17 Oct 2015 #13
I dont have to talk a lot about my country. Everbody knows italy and also everbody knows that you cannot compare poland to us still :D good try mate ! Maybe my country is not the best !! I'm not saying that at all, but still Poland has at least 50 more years to become as half as italy
17 Oct 2015 #14
I also live in Poland and what @555555 said is sooo true 100% respect!

These poles are hilarious xD If you are not European they will tell you to **** off because it's not your continent nor your country AND if you're European citizen they will tell you also **** off and go to any other country...
17 Oct 2015 #15
@Marsupial.... I am neither Italian or Polish but according to the statistics,
''There are roughly 20 million people of Polish ancestry living outside Poland, making the Polish diaspora one of the largest in the world as well as one of the most widely dispersed. Reasons for this displacement vary from border shifts, forced expulsions and resettlement, to political and economic emigration ''

According to Wikipedia.
Yes there are hundreds and hundreds of Italian immigrants in the whole world! but comparing to the massive number of Polish immigrants, they are nothing..

Respect to Both countries tho :)
Marsupial - | 886
17 Oct 2015 #16
Now fake stats lol? There are 100s of 1000s of italians just here with our tiny population. Your country sucks thats why there is 5 times more of you easily spread about. I hope poland never gets to be as you say half of you because half sucking is still sucking.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Oct 2015 #17
@555555: why did you not say you are Italian? In PF, "international student" means "from 3rd world" in 100% cases.

Sure Poland is a closed and hence a very racist (you can get ideas right away in PF ;)) country but I personally have never heard anything about Europeans. Poles hate everybody who are not white, not catholic, not heterosexual but they feel no particular hostility towards others. "Warsaw seems.."! No, Warsaw is exactly (at best) the same as Wroclaw whom most Poles consider the most open area in Poland. In Warsaw, too, because of simple maths, most Poles never interact with foreigners and most foreigners live in ghettos (because first of all but not only the language barrier. I know English-speakers who have 0 social contact with Poles).

In Warsaw, it'll be the same as it is in Wroclaw. You said that you and your Spanish buddies got beaten up and victims of ... racism? Are you sure it was ... racism? Do you know what racism is? Unless all of you are pretty dark and mistaken for non Europeans, I doubt you guys were victims of racism. I am myself a mixed (Western) European with some Spanish blood (I'm proud of) and I have NEVER faced any hostility (in Poland and anywhere else). You guys had the misfortune to encounter alcoholic Polish scum (there is a lot of them everywhere, including in Warsaw).

Good luck!
terri 1 | 1,665
17 Oct 2015 #18
Obviously, a case of breakdown in communication. An International Student is one who is from OUTSIDE the EU. Withing the borders of EU (as in Italy, Spain, Germany) you would count yourself as an European student. My fault in actually thinking that an International Student means from Outside Europe. How could I have thought that?

You maybe counted as International for your University fees due to the fact that you do not have a Polish passport, but to everyone else you are European, therefore not an International student.

I still stand by what I said - if you don't speak the language (Polish) in Poland, it is very difficult, nay impossible for you to say whether any remarks directed at you or withing your hearing distance were actually RACIST, as the original poster had intimated.

Perhaps if people asking questions would actually specify exactly what they mean, (and not assumed that everyone else is on the same wavelength) then we would not have these breakdowns in communication and people would therefore not post irrelevant thoughts which do not relate to the question (s) being asked. I know, I know that I am asking a bit much.
17 Oct 2015 #19
To the OP. I had a good laugh with your last post, the most racist side of Poland is maybe this forum indeed...
I spent 3 years in Wroclaw between 2005 and 2008. I know the city has changed quite a lot since then, but you should be able to make a good life in Wroclaw. I never experienced any problem myself, so I think you guys were truly unlucky. I actually like the people in Wroclaw.

My advice: stop sticking with your international mates, meet a Polish girl who doesn't speak English or Italian so that you're forced picking up some Polish (that's the best way to learn Polish, alongside courses at the uni for grammar) and then you'll feel integrated.

Calm down, have a deep breath and try again, pick the fruits life has put on your Polish path and be a good man.
Forza Italia! Zyje Polska!
17 Oct 2015 #20
"There are 100s of 1000s of italians just here with our tiny population"

are you in PL? PL has 40 mil inhabitants and registered italians (to AIRE, the db for italians living abroad) in 2010 were less than 3000 (but since many don't register to AIRE you can count that they're way more than 3000).

Italy has 60 mil inhabitants and there are 100k poles living there (75% are women), making the stats about poles in Italy much more impressive than those of italians in Poland ... and poles are not even among the biggest groups of foreigners in Italy.
Marsupial - | 886
17 Oct 2015 #21
I am in australia. Everything that person says is a lie my mates are checking the facts too after I told them and they are not polish nor do they care... but alas...they agree. Made up drivel.
OP 555555
17 Oct 2015 #22
Yes I'm sure that we were victims of racism and these attacks were racist attacks, simply because these guys who attacked us kept asking where the F**k are we from then one of them said '' you are black and cocky''

so basically Yes as you mentioned we were attacked because of being darker and mistaken for non Europeans.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Oct 2015 #23
@555555: if what you say is right, it's pitiful but through PF, you can understand that Poles (I would say at least 98%) are racist, xenophobic, antisemitic, homophobic, etc... If you stay in Poland and if you and your buddies look kind of dark, you have to be aware of it. Personally I would not set a foot in Poland if I looked "different"... I don't look any "different" but twice I was mistaken for a Russian (?) because of my way of speaking Polish and as a result, I was verbally agressed (I was shocked and did not appreciate).

This situation is awful and it is not acceptable to be stared at, stigmatized, verbally and even physically agressed because "different" but sorry, this is Poland and the eastern parts of Europe. I personally know several non Europeans (including teenagers) who were physically agressed in Warsaw as well as some Polish gays being attacked.

You know, racism in this part of Europe is cultural but if these eastern countries want to be part of the Europan community, they need to clean up their acts. In the 21st century, nobody should be treated any longer like sh####t because of their color, their religion or lack hereof, their national origin, their sexual orientation, their political opinions..... This is MY opinion based upon my background, my education, the way I was raised but Poles of course don't feel this way. Just keep reading PF and you'll have an idea ;).

To conclude, you know, you could study anywhere (Poland is not the best country to study) and in a lot of countries, you would get no problem for being foreign. Are you and your buddies from Southern Italy and Spain, where most people are much darker?

Take care!:)

PS: I'll be lynched by PF's racists but I don't give a d... about them.

@555555: so you've seen Polish migrants working in .... Egypt!!!! Very interesting indeed! ;);) "lol" "lol"
johnny reb 31 | 5,784
17 Oct 2015 #24
I'll be lynched by PF's racists but I don't give a d... about them.

I think the feeling is mutual as the Politically Incorrect have had a belly full of "Progressive Thinking" to 'enrich' society.
So let's get back on thread here as you continually seem to drift off on with your liberal fodder.

Everybody, please keep to the topic
OP 555555
17 Oct 2015 #25
Yes I'm originally from Naples so the southern Italy. Btw a polish friend of mine who was born in Kazakhstan also got verbally attacked when people thought that he's Russian because of the accent a little bit.

I totally agree on what you said. If the eastern countries want to be part of the European community, they definitely need to clean up their acts. We're in 2015 and yet most people in such countries are ''terrified'' of seeing different people.

I had a funny situation in my class and i'd like to share it with you :D A polish classmate was answering some questions in class then suddenly a Nigerian classmate sneezed like anybody else, so she stopped talking and gave him that look and she was like '' if you're not gonna respect me while i'm talking, you can go back to your country'' xD She literally attacked him just because he sneezed hahahaha

Anyway, I get it. Not that I agree with people's reaction towards foreigners here but I get it. And I'm hoping that we are in the same page :)

P.S : Yes I found poles working in Egypt xD firstly I thought they are just tourists but when I talked with some of them, they told me that there's a polish community in Egypt and they're living and working there.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
18 Oct 2015 #26
@555555: so if you are from Southern Italy, you are like an .... African to most Poles ;). Based upon your experience (terrible to have so many bad examples in such a short time and also you are so young), if I were you, I would get the hl... out of Poland and would move to a more tolerant country. Frankly, I doN'T understand why people who are "different" come to a country like Poland. I personally don't look any "different" and am family connected to Poland otherwise no way, José! Only 2 times, I was mistaken for a Russian because some local idiots thought I had a Russian accent (most ...unlikely ;)) and I really had a bad time.... How the hel... can I possibly have a Russian accent? This was in Warsaw so don't think that elsewhere in Poland, it's "better" than in Wroclaw, which is very often considered the most open area in Poland.

So now, you know Poles ;)

Very "funny", your comments re Egypt ;). Indeed racist Poles don't mind making some money with and from ...... muslims. At home, we would say "do as I say, don't do as I do"...

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