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Looking for a private Dorm in Warsaw!

5 Jul 2015 #1
I am new to Warsaw. I am looking for a private dorm with 1 or 2 sharing and with an attached bathroom. I heard all universities dorm have common bathroom per floor. I would like to prefer attached bathroom within the room, so i am looking for private dorm in Warsaw. aRe there any dorms available with room that have attached bathroom. Please share the info with me if there are any and also mention the rent.


Are there any mountain Hiking place near Warsaw or within 200km range ?
Water Princess - | 2
5 Jul 2015 #2
You can look at bonnapartments in Warsaw they are cheap
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Jul 2015 #3
mountain Hiking place near Warsaw

Mountains, no. But there is a series of hilly parks with good trails from Częstochowa to Kraków, and also the Świętokrzyski hills east of Kielce, also with nice trails. Real mountains are only along the southern border of Poland.
Ayalax1 - | 1
2 Sep 2015 #4

Hi! Does anybody know about private dormitories in Warsaw? (close to politechnika or centrum if it's possible)

Thanks y'all!!

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