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Free higher education in Poland?

3 Mar 2015 #1
As far as I know, only the residents of Poland are allowed to have free higher education. I'm from Ukaine and currently I'm studying in a Polish collage (technikum) for free. It's my first year and I'm gonna have to study here for 4 years, it's an IT class. I was wondering if there's a chance for my to be able to get free higher education or some scholarships offering discounts later on.

How can studying in a Polish collage for 4 years help me with that. Say my grades are pretty high. Thank you!
jon357 72 | 21,269
3 Mar 2015 #2
Even for Polish residents or citizens there are a number of conditions that many people don't meet. There are however schemes for people from the Ukraine (again there are conditions) at various universities. UKSW has or used to have something like that.
kpc21 1 | 763
3 Mar 2015 #3
For Polish citizens it's free, but only full-time and you have to pay when you fail some courses. Foreigners from out of the EU have to pay. Unless you find some scholarships schemes, as jon357 mentioned.
mochadot18 17 | 245
3 Apr 2015 #4
Merged: What are the requirements for free education in Poland and Europe? MBA program for an American Student.

If you have Polish citizenship you get free education in Poland right??
If you have Polish citizenship do you get free education anywhere in Europe?
I'm not sure if I still have my citizenship but it wouldn't be hard to get back, are their any other requirements other than just the citizenship to be eligible for the free education?

I'll be graduating from University in the U.S next December and then am looking at going to Poland for my MBA. I'm currently studying International Business Management.

Also so far I'm unable to find many universities in Poland that offer MBA programs in International Business or really in Business Management at all. Is there some site that I should be using?? I will have to do the program in English so that may be why i'm getting such low results. Would doing the program in Poland cost me? Or do they assume that those who want to take it in English don't have citizenship.

I really want to go abroad for my MBA, I haven't exactly decided where. I've also been looking at Dubai.

I'm sure i'll have more questions to come, but thank you for now!
4 Apr 2015 #5
Mocha, I'll PM you, don't want to give info in open forum that IDs you. Just need to check with the Mrs about your circumstances.
mochadot18 17 | 245
4 Apr 2015 #6
Alright sounds good, thanx :)
Aleksei K.
4 Aug 2015 #7
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15 Feb 2016 #8
Merged: Understanding Poland's Higher Education System

I am very interested in getting some insight into the Polish higher education system, including student costs, faculty salaries, shared governance, degree structure, etc. Can anyone help? We will probably retire in Poland, and would like to be involved in some way with a computer science department at a Polish university, if that's possible.

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