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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads!

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× Incels in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
299 - The hair can get caught in the defibrillator with astonishing results....

Lovejon357 - 17 Feb 2021 jon357 - 22 Feb 2021
Divorced a Cheating Polish Wife  2  3
Polish couple married for 20 years
× How Do You Feel About a Black man marrying Polish Women?  2  3  4  5  6
English Guy/Polish Women - what makes her tick?
What can I do so that this Pole will love me? Why does he act like a hero and then breaks my heart?
Dating married Polish man - please help!
Does Polish guy hide his divorce usually?
How eager are young Polish men (23-35) to date young Ukrainian women in Poland and subsequently start families
Why am I so sad about the fact that Polish guys are so good
Had a big problem in Poland - a guy lied to me  2
Polish men's expectations of dating?
How to date a Polish woman?
Attraction from a Polish man?
Advice for a non-Pole - more than friendship?
Help my Polish wife hates sex  2
38 - Lick. Lick a lot of. If that fails you are in trouble man....

LoveBecoming dad - 28 Jun 2019 Crow - 26 Oct 2020
Why are Polish men (or guys) so polite and don't harass women at all
9 - You forgot: Japanese....

Lovenora_k - 31 May 2019 pawian - 23 Jun 2020
Polish girls and their big butts
× Asking Polish Girl to be in a relationship
Catfished by Polish guy, now flying from London to Poland tomorrow and need to know where I can get support
Do Polish guys like girls who are shy, modest and sensitive
My Polish neighbour is really attractive
Wedding and adopting husband's last name in Poland
Confuse about how friendship works in Poland
Don't know whether she loves me or not ?  2  3
64 - Thought they were the same thing, RichLOL...

LoveDammy - 3 Nov 2018 Lyzko - 11 Nov 2018
Polish girl confusing me
Foreign Older vs Younger Relationships In Poland
7 - I would say that is a sad story but it is just silly. This isn't Western Europe man where...

LoveVideobroker - 20 Oct 2018 Bardzo serdeczni - 16 Jun 2019
Why Polish Women like to relocate their foreign husband back to Poland?
Polish girl after my husband
Are Polish Girls has no loyalty to their boyfriends?
13 - I know only one polish girl. And i will say she is the most loyal girl i have ever...

LoveBewareoftheDog - 16 Sep 2018 Shaani - 12 Mar 2019
My Gf Cheated Me - a classic Polish girl move?
Help me figure out if she might like me? Or if she is just easy going and nice with me?
Why do Polish guys stare a lot? And what does that mean?
Polish signs if she likes me or wants to just be friends ( help )
How is the engagement / courtship tradition in Poland?
It seems everyone is so isolated here in Warsaw
11 - The title of this should be 'i am so isolated here in warsaw'....

LoveAzberjian - 6 Aug 2018 TheWizard - 7 Aug 2018
Polish guy who has a girlfriend.
Moroccan / Polish Dating, we need some informations to reunion
English woman with a Polish partner - may need to move to Poland soon
Polish Weddings the farce and how much money to give
17 year old English girl with a 25 year old Polish man?
Civil Wedding in Poland - can I write my own vows?
How do Polish girls like to be asked and what sort of first dates are preferred?
Couples Therapy in Poland
Polish Wife - Common Bank Account in Poland
What Do Polish Women Think Of French Men?
21 - @Ziemowit Thanks Ziemowit!...

LoveAlex885 - 11 May 2018 Wincig - 31 Aug 2020
Cards for occasions - Polish custom for couples?
4 - Hi, both replies have been really helpful - thank you :)...

LoveJennywren - 23 Apr 2018 Jennywren - 25 Apr 2018
"I wait for you" - American Guy With Polish Girl Question
9 - Pleasure was mine entirely! Language helps bridge all gaps....

LovePolAmKrakow - 11 Apr 2018 Lyzko - 12 Apr 2018
Polish girl/Mexican guy Dating
5 - Darn right, fella!...

LovePolkaLina - 4 Apr 2018 Lyzko - 26 Jul 2018
Trying to get Married in Poland - I'm English, my bride to be is Polish
7 - Thanks everyone for the info...

Lovealan23 - 27 Mar 2018 alan23 - 28 Mar 2018
What to expect at a bachelor party in Poland?
So I got a call yesterday from those Polish teens who tried blackmailing me
Marriage problems in Poland  2
Why are Polish women so cat-like?
30 - Because we, Racowie, like fur and claws. Its old thing. Don`t ask....

LoveKnownaim - 20 Feb 2018 Crow - 13 Apr 2018
How to LEGALLY get medication for "mens problems" in Poland?
I want to bring her here but not her son.
My girlfriend meeting my mum
How long should i wait to romance a Polish girl after she broke up with her boyfriend of three years?
11 - I am from the uk but my grammar isn't exactly great. I did use WORD to write it up...

Loverumination - 26 Dec 2017 rumination - 23 Jan 2018
Polish guy offered me money for sex
18 - No. Males like you. hahaha I don`t think it is so bad. :):)...

LoveAllura - 9 Dec 2017 pawian - 18 Mar 2020
I dont get why you guys think are too young for sex even though aoc in Poland is ok  2

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