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Do women like strong men in Poland ?

6 Sep 2022 #31
It's probably difficult not to find a strong polish man when a lot of them object their a**es with steroids.
6 Sep 2022 #32
They probably won't last long once they get a heart attack at 40-50 or start taking out their rood rage on their wives.
Kashub1410 6 | 690
6 Sep 2022 #33
andy, you should work on yourself to leave prison one day, can start with giving the jailguard his phone back.
3 Nov 2022 #34
As a woman I can say men with both muscles, manners and brain are the most attractive, no matter the nationality.

And besides a man like that would be a better example and father to my future kids, than let's say a skinny dude that won't even dare to kill me a chicken if I need one. If all hell breaks out, of what worth is a 'pussy' man?

In the case of zombie apocalypse (like the one where the zombies love vaccines and financial katastrofa is looming). I feel safer with power + brains by my side! <3
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
3 Nov 2022 #35
On POLSAT I still see the hand kiss at state functions almost exclusively.
I find it charming:-)
Miloslaw 19 | 4,925
3 Nov 2022 #36
Me too.
But it is ancient history now.
Kashub1410 6 | 690
4 Nov 2022 #37

I must seem like a dinosaur to the likes of you.

Time to improve your social circles?
Lyzko 45 | 9,420
4 Nov 2022 #38
Trends do have a way of repeating themselves, you know!
Once upcoming generations start seeing quality, they'll start aping the manners and mores of their parents, even their grandparents:-)

Same with wearing headgear.
Following the Kennedy Assassination, folks here in the States stopped wearing hats, as Kennedy never wore a hat since he had such a handsome head of hair. The trend of donning a nice fedora (for employees) or a homburg (for the boss) fell out of fashion for well over fifty or more years and has only recently begun making a comeback among the wealthy sixty-plus crowd in corporate America.

In Poland, I'm certain things aren't too different.
OP PiwuskiFan
30 Dec 2023 #39
This is a moderate and honest comment I like.

Men with good intelligence and physical strength do exist.
Perhaps they are not in high number.
A man who go to the gym regularly shows he is not a lazy bastard as well.

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