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Are Polish Girls has no loyalty to their boyfriends?

16 Sep 2018 #1
First of all, Sorry for my English.

I had Polish girlfriend. She cheated me and she is ok with that. When we were together, we were talking about other girls. She was saying ''Ohh this girl kissed someone in the club, Ohh that girl had sex with her coworker, Ohh other girl is texting with someone else but cant say to her husband, Ohh this that, this that'' etc etc. I knew one good couple. They were friend of her. They are married and they are looking normal but actually she did something in the past but didnt say to her husband. So I learned they are not that good couple but everyone are thinking like that.

Long story short, Polish girls dont know what is loyalty? I dont like how Polish Men are treating to Polish women but Polish women deserve get treat like this because they are not different than Polish Men. I gues Some girl are use to living in the darknes.

Im sorry for talking like this If loyal Polish ladies are reading :)
MoOli 9 | 480
16 Sep 2018 #2
BTW where are you from?You mean that every girl has to tell everything about what they did with there ex boyfriends to there husbands??and if she will not tell her husband they will not be a GOOD COUPLE?

FYI Polish men do treat women very well and I am 100% sure better then wherever you are from.
And don't be sorry LOYAL POLISH LADIES,reading that are having a good laugh at your mentality.
terri 1 | 1,663
18 Sep 2018 #3
Girls only have loyalty to money, nothing else.
OP BewareoftheDog
18 Sep 2018 #4

You got me whole wrong. That's because of my awful English I guess. I didnt say ''Girls has to say everything about their past'' I just said that when we were talking about her friend zone, I learned that her friends are not 'innocent'... Everyone did 'something' You know. That's all and I started thinking ''Why so much in Poland''

FYI Polish men do treat women very well and I am 100% sure better then wherever you are from.

That's what she said :))
ikazo - | 1
22 Sep 2018 #5
Ironside 51 | 12,473
23 Sep 2018 #6
Well I think you and your ilk are genetically stupid. Is that way you go for foreign girls, you have no chance in hell to procreate in your own country cause they see you for what you are an inbreeded imbecile and an looser?
TheWizard - | 230
23 Sep 2018 #7
Well Ikazo, looks like you have genetic caps lock.
Sylvio 19 | 155
24 Sep 2018 #8
One big tip for all! Never,.absolutely never! marry anyone for other reason than love! Get it? LOVE... Engrave it on your mind, all you young people! If your marriage is to get you or the other a passport, your relationship is doomed!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
25 Sep 2018 #9

Polish women and men tend to have many partners. Its not uncommon for a couple to break up right before summer so they can **** around during summer break or on a vacation. A lot do it anyway without breaking up. Some later get back together, some do not. This culture of dating a lot and having many partners goes back a long time. Even in prl it was common for young people to date several different people. The concept of bf gf is a bit different in poland than many ofher countries. Just because youre dating may not mean youre bf gf for many poles and hence can be with other partners.
johnny reb 50 | 7,429
25 Sep 2018 #10
So those rumors are true what they say about those Catholic girls.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
25 Sep 2018 #11
Well from what ive seen theres really two polar opposites. The polish girls living in cities and travel abroad tend to be more easy and more into hookup culture. The girls from the villages who dont really get out tend to be more prude. But the whole idea of dating and being in bf gf relationship generally arent looked at thr same as in the US. In the us if you're dating someone generally that means you're bf gf where that's not the case in pl a lot of the time. But for a long time dating in pl didn't necessarily mean they were *******. Some girls draw that **** out forever, others are good to go by 2nd 3rd 4tg etc date, but not so much first. Now with ukranian girls its quite different. Dating them feels like an interrogation. They will ask you a million questions everything from your family, your education, your zodiac sign, everything under the sun. Its quite frustrating when all you want is her vertical smile on your knob, which depending on her judgement you may not get.

Tinder is now in europe. You can literally make your way from.portugal to poland and **** a girl in every country along the way.
Sylvio 19 | 155
26 Sep 2018 #12
What you are saying is, if your marriage looks weak on your man's side, you should jump ahead and bust it up for him. That's ok. assuming that you two had married with the idea that one day either side will do that.
12 Mar 2019 #13
I know only one polish girl. And i will say she is the most loyal girl i have ever seen. Long live Poland
16 Jul 2023 #14
i got polish girlfriend and she so loyal i been with for like 7 months she never changed or any of that **** she lit made me log in all her accounts on social media she dropped everyone for me even her best friends i dont agree every polish girl cheater

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