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I like one Polish girl. a 2 years ago I see her in part time job and I ask her out.

25 Jul 2022 #1
I saw her in my part-time job and suddenly I felt for her. due to my introvert-ness, I didn't ask her or talk. but in the end, ask her out for more than friends due to fear of I will never see her more. Inside me, My curiosity increased to know her more and more, day by day. after my job, I slowly become a stalker on social media. our city is different in Germany. and when I started to know her from social media and polish girls, culture and all. I like her more and more. I started more focus on language instead of my study so I can talk with her. and then last year I ask her again for friendship. because might she not be interested then at least I could talk with her and know her as a person. I don't know how to impress any girl. she is the first in my life whom I felt for the first time. to impress her I try to many things that might didn't work. in starting, I thought she might be attraction, but it's been 2 years but still, I think of her all the time. even I try to see other girls also but my mind directly starts comparing them with her. she doesn't look like her. or I do not feel for them. I can't able describe what was that feeling when I see her. but that feeling I never experienced in my life. Please give me some tips on how should I talk with her and impress her. I literally feel her vibes, she is a little different compared to others in my eyes. there is not a single day when I didn't see her photo. she said she is a happy single girl, not looking for anyone. but I just want to talk with her as a genuine friend. I asked her 2 times differently, due to respect, I don't want to ask her out again but how can I talk with her about any tips? advanced thanks
25 Jul 2022 #2
I just want to talk with her as a genuine friend.

Sly males always say so when they want to bonk a female.
25 Jul 2022 #4
I just want to talk with her

Yes, talking, talking and suddenly: can I stay overnight for breakfast??? :):):)

Wet dreams.

You should wear a rubber wetsuit for protection. Simple.
25 Jul 2022 #5
@pawian - rubber wetsuit?
I don't want to dive into those dreams.
26 Jul 2022 #6
A man who says to a woman I want to be your friend is an idiot. "I want to be your friend" means I don't want to fu*ck you because you are not attractive enough but passable as "a friend".

Also, try French. German is the language of Gestapo, not lovers.
26 Jul 2022 #7
Have you tried asking this question on some forums about seduction, romance or whatever?

By the way, don't you think that acting like a friend and assuring about friendship when you clearly aren't interested in just friendship, is a form of deception, and thus not a good idea?
26 Jul 2022 #8
Cut the crap, "I want to be your friend" spoken to the opposite sex - faggots excluded - is an insult. "Can we be just friends?" is just another way of saying "get lost".

Fifty-three years ago I saw a gorgeous woman at a party. I walked up and said: Can I have your phone number? We are still married.
26 Jul 2022 #9
Do you still know this number?
26 Jul 2022 #10
No. She gave me her office number. But I sure remembered it then since I didn't have a pen.
26 Jul 2022 #11
Since I have a smartphone I don't remember any number because they are all stored in it. I know it can be dangerous especially when the battery goes empty, but I'm to lazy to write them on paper.
26 Jul 2022 #12
Try learning some everyday survival Polish in the beginning of your relationship, if mainly as an ice breaker. I'm sure she knows at least basic textbook English.
OP Arjun24
29 Jul 2022 #13
@Lyzko thanks, yes I started learning a polish language.

to all others who think that I asked for friendship? .... I asked her for friendship because In the first time when I asked her at that time she said No to a relationship, she wanted to live single only. (or she might said that because of my looks or nervousness, IDK). that is why I asked for friendship so at least we could start talking to know each other. but she rejected that friendship also. I don't want to ask 100 girls, I will ask her a hundred times differently. but thank you, to all those Who replied I got another perspective also that might she also thought the same and maybe that's why she rejected.
OP Arjun24
29 Jul 2022 #14
No, I didn't ask other websites, I found this website a few days ago when I was reading about Poland people and culture. I thought here, people are good to take some help or at least some tips.

No, I don't know at all. I asked her for friendship because I thought if she is not interested in me then at least we can be friends. so at least I can know her. I cleard mentioned to her also that if you are not interested in me then I want to be friends but I have feelings for you. So at that time, I didn't got thought that while texting another side of the person might think differently also. because when I asked here in site then I got some replies those I didn't think. but those gave me perspective. might she also think like that? plus in her vision I am still one foreigner only, of course, she doesn't trust me directly

plus I never asked any other girls so might my way of asking would not be that impressive. that is the reason why I wrote here to get some idea. how could I ask her?
29 Jul 2022 #15

I don't think there are any significant rules in "charming" a Polish girl that would not apply to women of other nationalities.

plus in her vision I am still one foreigner only, of course, she doesn't trust me directly

If you are able to tell who you are in her vision, then you should know if you have chances or not. Unless you're just guessing.

I'm not an expert on relationships, but I can tell that being in a friendzone is not a good thing if you have different expectations. It's harmful to both of you.

PS. I don't know if I understood everything - did you tell her about these feelings you think you have, or not? I'm a bit confused about that middle part, but I doubt that I could give you any valuable advice anyway.

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