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Divorced a Cheating Polish Wife

Strzelec35 20 | 1,114
1 Feb 2021 #61
its funny how Pauling talks about unrealistic expectations and expects guys to settle but why doesn't she take her one advice and settle then? why dont females settle including look for mr right or mr everything and always marry up or even only fuk rich dudes or dudes who have it all: athletic, rich outspoken in a suit etc. vs just their own level then? Paulina I bet never gives the same advice she gives dudes to her female friends to just settle. females are like this they think they're like superior or have higher standards while dudes should just settle.
pawian 177 | 14,561
5 Apr 2021 #62
Men can't read? :)

They can but they read only what suits them and their fancies. The rest is skipped.

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