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How Do You Feel About a Black man marrying Polish Women?

pawian 197 | 19,921
8 Nov 2020 #61
have access to professional legal and mental health assistance.

Just like you. However, you constantly prove you require immediate consultation for your multiple mental disorders but it is obvious you never use one. Why not? So, if you don`t take advantage of such opportunities, why do you expect lesbian or interracial couples will?

Empty, hypocritical rhetoric

Of course, that`s a biased isolated opinion therefore I will ignore it. hahaha
Cali2087 1 | 1
8 Nov 2020 #62
Grew up in the bay area. I have been around more black men then poles. So for this is a dumb question and racist based on insecurity You guys are infatuated with eastern european women and your insecure females are awful to us while we have to play nice. I have many black men that I am close to, but I can't stand insecure ones that ask if my boyfriend is white. especially since the polish community is minimum and well guess who is lonely. If you have to ask a dumb question like that poland is not for you and leave it alone. You guys complained about white people moving in so chill.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
8 Nov 2020 #63
I have been around more black men

tsk tsk who cares? I guess you have no education. Hence you make little sense or you high?
9 Nov 2020 #64
The issue is that people of European origin globally, anywhere from Latin America to Siberia to Israel, including even places like Greece and Turkey, constitute merely <9% of the world's population.

If it was at least 30% of the world's population, there would not be any discussion to be had, however, giving the adverse demographic trend, in a couple of decades and centuries at most, we are looking at near complete disappearance of these people, which is why it is preferable that Europeans have more kids with each other at this current moment in time. I am not even Polish myself but I say this in a larger global context.
jakub_a 1 | 13
13 Nov 2020 #65
I would be very careful. I dated a Polish woman, we were together for 4 years and it was a difficult relationship. To make a long story short, she got pregnant and left the country and went back to Poland. She knew I wanted a family and took it away from me. She called me from the plane saying that she was leaving. It has now been 5 years and I rarely get to see my son. All Poland has done is take from me. I have paid child support since the beginning and have done everything i can to be there for my son. I use all of my vacation time and any extra money to go see him. It took the Polish courts 3 years to declare me the father and only care about getting money from me. My son is growing up without a father because of her selfishness.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
14 Nov 2020 #66
Don't want to sound like a douche but, in my experience women in general tend to want to give birth in an safe environment (a place she knows very well). So women tend to want to "return" to their place of upbringing to give birth, you not understanding that might have caused a lot of trust issues in your relationship. Out of what you wrote so far.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
14 Nov 2020 #67
I dated a Polish woman

Dude, what Polish has to do with anything? Either you trolling or you are just a dumb ass, she left it means to failed to communicate and you failed to make her feels save.

Of course nowadays a man stand not chance against women in court ( bar some exceptions) if it is about children but they always would want you money - duh?

geez a number of trolls/fools that just woke up to the fact that nine out of ten women always go after money or expect form a man to pay through the nose even if they yap about equality, modern this or that ....
pawian 197 | 19,921
14 Nov 2020 #68
nine out of ten women always go after money

Prove it!
Crow 160 | 10,261
14 Nov 2020 #69
Why would black man, or when we are at it, anybody who isn't Polish or Serbian, marry a Polish woman? Why?
Crow 160 | 10,261
14 Nov 2020 #71
So pure business. Sex on remote control, only? Oh I can understand that.
jakub_a 1 | 13
14 Nov 2020 #72
@Mr Grunwald

I'm not a troll, and I would not wish this on my worst enemy. My son is growing up without his father. And that bullshit on saying "feeling safe" to go home and have the baby. I also disagree with the 9 out of 10 comment.

Yes, I feel and am probably a dumb ass for dating this woman. I say be careful, because I was unaware that this happens more often than not. I have paid for my son since the beginning. Click on my profile and you will see things I have been trying to do. I have talked to many other guys with a similar issue, Poland HEAVILY favors the mother. This is why she went home, for total and complete control. We were broken up for over a month when we found out she was pregnant. And yes, men have no rights until the baby is born. And then we have very little rights after that. I even talked to a guy who moved to Poland, he never got to have a relationship with his daughter. He wrote this book:

Maybe i should not have said anything, I usually use this forum to find out info on travel and advice on things that can help me with my situation. I guess kick me out of the thread.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
15 Nov 2020 #73
Poland HEAVILY favors the mother.

Not only Poland.
IF you are not a troll. Facts:
- you failed in that relationship and if it was your fault in 50%, 70% or 10% matters not.
- she decided to have a kid on her own rather that form a family with you is telling either she is out of her mind and not quite normal or there is something wrong with you.

- she wants money but doesn't want you around the kid duh are you surprised? where are you from Pakistan?
Crow 160 | 10,261
15 Nov 2020 #74
I'm not a troll

Then you are naive.

Woman are different. They opening to you when they feel safe with you. When they think you have enough money and you speak a lot of niceties to them. Problem is that you have competition in other man (or in sick world, in other woman even) so you can be replaced easily.

Or, they use you just for fun. Or, you use them when you catch them between two steps, if you understand me, in a various ways. Or, you are just lucky to find some woman that find something especial in you when you yourself can`t see it. Those are rare. I suppose you wasn`t that lucky.
Dave Peter Polski
5 Jan 2021 #75
Go for it! Lots of foreign men married to polish women. It's because polish men are boring and dumb. Into politics and religion. Highly unconscious. The women are nice. The men are Neanderthals. You'll find lots of polish women married to men from different parts of the world. Not polish men. Peasants.
pawian 197 | 19,921
5 Jan 2021 #76
It's because polish men are boring and dumb.

Yes, but only the blond ones. Brown, black and red-haired men are OK.

Btw, I had brown hair when I had it.
cruisepatron 1 | 130
31 Jan 2021 #77
Prove it!

Hypergamy! Women always marry up. You'll hardly see a women who is a doctor marry a uber driver. It comes under "uncomfortable truth" for an women and she will almost always deny that but actions always speak louder than words... especially when it comes to a woman :)
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
31 Jan 2021 #78
jakub, I agree with you one hundred percent. dont listen to these retards trying to blame you for anything. it isnt your fault.
Czarek91 - | 5
1 Feb 2021 #79
Ignore all the feel good stuff in here mostly from foreigners. It is Dysgenic and wrong.
97% of white female black male relationships end up with the white woman being a single mother. This phenom is a damn near guarantee with polish women. Every single polish women with a baby by a foreigner is a miserable single mother living away from her own family and culture in the west. But with blacks it's even worse. The kid will never be accepted as polish and therefor the connection will be broken. Most of these kinds of polish women never come back to their country and they stay overseas for the kids sake miserable forever. It's a miserable existence.

The rate of successful polish foreign relations are awful in general, but with blacks, Arabs, Pakistanis etc it's basically certified social and genetic suicide.
Novichok 3 | 6,786
1 Feb 2021 #80
but with blacks, Arabs, Pakistanis etc it's basically certified social and genetic suicide.

Bravo. You sure are on the roll. Luckily, it's an American forum so you are safe from the Brits' thought police.
Crnogorac3 2 | 704
1 Feb 2021 #81
I've found this interesting article with stats regarding this issue, which shows that white women who date black men are fatter, dumber & more quarrelsome.
Novichok 3 | 6,786
2 Feb 2021 #82
which shows that white women who date black men are fatter, dumber & more quarrelsome.

I see it every day here. To him, she is a white trophy - for a while. To her - it's the only train out. Simple. If there are still no takers - she turns lesbian.
jon357 71 | 20,031
2 Feb 2021 #83

A studid racist site.
cruisepatron 1 | 130
2 Feb 2021 #84
fatter, dumber & more quarrelsome.

This has more to do with the woman than race itself. The kind of woman mentioned above isn't going to fare well with her own race either.
Vlad1234 18 | 1,058
4 Feb 2021 #85
Wonderful! Diversity rulez!

I afraid that interracial marriages work against human diversity if they result in childbirth. If all people on Earth will intermix evenly and will all become people of the same brownish color and share the same facial features, much of diversity and unique traits will gone forever. As well as diversity and uniqueness of cultures and languages will suffer seriously. Differrentiation contributes to human development.
Novichok 3 | 6,786
4 Feb 2021 #86
I afraid that interracial marriages work against human diversity

You are a genius. Spot on. On the other hand, how would leftists pit one race against another if we all were "people of the same brownish color and share the same facial features". All they would be left with is genitalia. What a dilemma...Be for mixed marriage now and suffer the consequences later...Hmm...
MarieAntoinette 1 | 65
4 Feb 2021 #87
murderous ideology of the white man


much of diversity and unique traits will gone forever.

it is the Kalergi plan in full force
jon357 71 | 20,031
4 Feb 2021 #88
the Kalergi plan

There are actually some people who believe that rubbishy conspiracy theory! You wouldn't think so, however there are!

If all people on Earth will intermix evenly

Eventually yes, however scientists suggest that it's about 100,000 years away. No bad thing. And then apparently we split into two species, which presumably we'll be able to deal with equitably by then.
MarieAntoinette 1 | 65
4 Feb 2021 #89
we split into two species

we already do,
man and woman

Kalergi plan - rubbishy conspiracy theory

is it ?
jon357 71 | 20,031
4 Feb 2021 #90
man and woman

Those aren't different species though, are they...

is it ?

Yes. Internet nonsense.

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