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How do Polish girls like to be asked and what sort of first dates are preferred?

rumination 2 | 6
14 Jun 2018 #1
I am live the uk and i met and know this beautiful polish girl who i work with and we have work party coming up next month with spicy food (not my thing but i eat it anyway) and plenty of alcohol and music so their will be dancing and apparently polish love to dance. Anyway i had this on and off thing with this woman for awhile thought it went cold for a few months while she was seeing someone else but they ended things abruptly and she went on holiday and suddenly was into all over again. This time she made a point to show she was single and available but i had been reluctant to jump back on to the bandwagon but she seems more serious this time around so we been slowly rekindling the vibe and sexual tension from before but i am yet to ask her out. I pretty certain she likes me since she has made it fairly obvious and her friends have been making a point to play matchmaker lately as well.

I would prefer to start dating her casually before the party since it will be less awkward that way than just trying to hook up at the party and dance. So with this in mind i need some advice on first date ideas in case she asks me what i am planning which i expect she probably will if she says yes and she doesn't move on before i do it has been 4 weeks this time around. As for asking her out itself its kind of awkward due to her usual department being awkwardly placed that i would have be very direct if i approach her their and that will be inevitable be awkward and put a lot of pressure on us both. I also i don't think i got in me to ask her out in front of all her friends and other coworkers who work their its too intense. I have considered and almost tried it a few times when she has been working in other departments including this week but something always puts me off or i go blank and forget to ask. So i am going to have to call her aside to bring it up and quickly before i lose my nerve and i assume at this point she has been expecting it for awhile and is getting tired of waiting. The logistics are also a little tricky since she lives in the city and i am currently living in the suburbs so i would have to commute to the city for a date and it would be easier for her as well since i wouldn't expect her to travel all the way over to my usual date choices since she has never been to my town. It would be expecting too much for a first date i would think.

My current idea's for a date is a coffee date or go out to a bar and assuming the first part goes well head to a restaurant or a fast food joint for a bite to eat. I would expect she would be more knowledgeable of the better dating spots and locations since she lived their for a few years but i can't really ask for her input on the first date. I know she loves dancing and going out for drinks, partying etc and spends a lot time with her friends. She occasionally goes to the movies or theatre as well but i think we need a place we can just flirt and get to know eachother a lot more and not sit in silence.

Does that sound like a good meet up or does she expect something more elaborate and romantic?
Richthecat 8 | 68
18 Jun 2018 #2
Ok So......

I am going to generalize allot in this post, about Polish men and Women no offence is intended and for every generalization there will be thousands who do not fit that image.

So here we go, Most Polish men are very Macho and this can be attractive to allot of Polish women however this Machoness comes with downsides, namely lack of intelligence, sensitivity and creativity. So you need to present yourself as a guy with these qualities but without loosing your manliness. In general a Polish girl will expect the man to take the lead so it will be down to you to do the asking. Also they in general like to be swept of their feet so the first date has to be good and well thought out. Also she has moved from her country to the UK which means she is exciting and adventurous and willing to try new things which is good. So my advice for what it is worth is.

You need to do the asking and just invite her for an evening out without allot of details be clear it's a date so you don't get disappointed when she rocks up with a couple of mates in tow. Now time for some planning she is fairly new to the UK so you need to loo for something she won't have done something interesting like an activity e.g boating or pottery classes or cooking classes. I am sure you will be able to google stuff like that for your city. Make sure the first part of the date is with little or no alcohol so you can show her that you have a brain aand can make conversation be witty and charming play on the nice guy English thing but really be nice listen to her and take an interest. Ask lots of questions and actually listen to the answers. Then after the interesting thing time to start drinking and now step from the interesting English Friend xone into potential boyfriend material. Take her to an interesting or swanky bar I prefer interesting and then get her drinks and tell her in no uncertain terms what you want from her but do not expect her to put out on the first night most Polish girls will make you wait it might not seem like it but it will be worth it. Then after the bar to a club to show that you can have fun even if you can't dance try she will appreciate it but tell her you are not a good dancer so she doesn't think your and idiot. Finally walk her home go in if she invites you but this will not mean you are getting laid trust me I made this mistake, have a coffee be nice and then leave. Also you gonna need to pay for most if not all of the first date. If she buys a couple of drinks great but be ready for this not to happen. The 100 quid you spend will be well worth it when you have a stunning Polish girlfriend to show off to your mates.

So that's me done good luck fella and remember Intelligent, sensitive but without loosing your manliness.

good luck
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
18 Jun 2018 #3
If she is not permanent in the UK, she is seeing every guy as an immigration officer. Stay away.
pawian 176 | 15,421
7 Mar 2020 #4
Intelligent, sensitive but without loosing your manliness.

Not enough. You need to add a sense of humour to it, too. Otherwise, you will blow it. :)

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