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Foreign Older vs Younger Relationships In Poland

Videobroker 6 | 10
20 Oct 2018 #1
I don't think any of us plan on getting older. It just happens and one day, you are there, over 40 or 50 as life happens. Then you decide you want to go to Poland and perhaps find love again. Recently I fell in love with a 29 year old Polish girl, who after 2 months of daily interactions said she loved me more than I would ever know. Even her 4 year old was saying I love you in English. The girl spoke English, comes from a small town near Warsaw we got along great! She wasn't much into getting a Green Card or coming to America, especially because she can't get her daughter out of Poland without a court battle with her ex-boyfriend. She was never married. Long story short, after saying that age didn't matter and that we were meant for each other, she dumped. told me I was too old (45) and that I should go find some lady my own age, ended blocking me on Facebook and Messenger and that was that. I was left confused and broken hearted for about 3 weeks. My question to the members who really know Polish culture and women: Is it a waste of time to court and hope to have a relationship with younger Polish girls, and mean girls over 28-30? What if you are not Catholic? I seem to see a growing number of single mothers in Poland. How can they get their kids out to live in America, for example? I don't speak Polish but I could possibly learn since I speak fluent Portuguese. I have already been married and have 3 older kids, High School (1) College (2) and I am separated and finalizing a long-drawn out divorce. I am a U.S. Citizen and can spot a Green Card chaser a mile away. I am not rich. I am physically fit and look younger than my actual age, not but much though. 38 maybe. I am tired of American women in general and I am sure they are tired of me so I want to possibly live and work in Poland. Have friends there. Your opinions, please. Thank you.
Lyzko 29 | 7,263
21 Oct 2018 #2
Forty-five and twenty-nine's hardly a Lolita complex:-) Such relationships are much more common than most of us imagine.
terri 1 | 1,665
22 Oct 2018 #3
The lady you encountered was not after you personally, but the chance to come to the USA, even though she said to you that it didn't matter. If you had married her and she came to the States, she would have divorced you within months, just after she got her citizenship. It was probably when she found out that you were not rich that she didn't see a future with you. Forget her and move on. This had nothing to do with age, but with her own financial situation. It seems strange that 'you are meant for each other' and the next minute she dumps you.

Loving someone has absolutely nothing to do with age, but with seeing a future together.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 742
22 Oct 2018 #4
Older with younger is entirely possible. But looking for that is a mistake. I met my GF 8 months ago purely by accident, and she is much younger than me. She has zero interest in ever going to the US, and is full of Polish pride, a trait that I admire. Look for a person, not any person of a certain age if you are going to look. If you want a real Polish beauty, inside and out, you had better be prepared for a strong, educated and opinionated partner. If you cant take that, then you probably need to look elsewhere.
OP Videobroker 6 | 10
4 Mar 2019 #5
yeah, age doesn't really matter if BOTH parties are genuine and legitimately interested in each other, unless, of course, it's an obvious mismatch such as 18 and 50!? But a 20-25 year difference has the potential to work out depending on maturity levels.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
4 Mar 2019 #6
How can they get their kids out to live in America, for example?

They can't, nor will they want to. Family ties are important here, and no mother is going to take her child / children away from their grandparents.
Bardzo serdeczni
16 Jun 2019 #7
I would say that is a sad story but it is just silly. This isn't Western Europe man where at least theres a slim chance of a normal relationship or good time if she only has one kid. Single mothers generally are not interested in foreign men that much. Believe me, even living here as an older foreign man, even if you spoke Polish well and were above us middle class Younger Polish speaking foreign men $$ and social skills Wise(which you may well be afyer 2 years IF you did live Herę), single mothers probably prefer to be single mothers with an occasional Polish boyfriend than complicate things for an American.

Man you can have Polish friends for years and never be invited to hang with their real friends on the really big occasions. Just accept you are at the bottom of the pile and dont plan your life around Poland. Learning Polish is perfect for going to Ukrainę or The Czech Republic though, where not all single women have a stereotypical contempt for anglophone white males.

Conversely if you epokę Spanish and could dance Salsa shed prob have married you ha

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