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Help my Polish wife hates sex

OP Becoming dad 2 | 23
3 Jul 2019 #31
@johnny reb

She ain't cheating that's for sure. I would know if she was. There's no time for her to cheat.
3 Jul 2019 #32
My advice that could save your marriage (take it from a married man to a Polish woman): STOP talking to her about sex. Stop acting like you need sex from her. Let her think you date other women, don't even be flirtatious with her. Ignore her games. It may take a month or so, but do not mention or ask her for sex at all. You'll see that her attitude will change if you stick to my advice. Good luck and thank me later.
OP Becoming dad 2 | 23
3 Jul 2019 #33

It's probably gonna take more than a month but it sounds like a good idea and I'm up for it. Thanks for the advice man
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,665
3 Jul 2019 #34
It's either that or she'll leave his ass and take half within that month or two...
25 Oct 2020 #35
Lol me having terrible mood swings, inflammation and depression/anxiety a day to three after having sex (post orgasmic illness syndrome), I'd love a woman like that!
polegirl - | 2
26 Oct 2020 #36
@Becoming dad
it's called reverse psychology when a woman says that. Maybe she sensed you desire other women.
pawian 176 | 13,997
26 Oct 2020 #37
Help my Polish wife hates sex

Did you try to find the G Spot? Do it at once!
Crow 146 | 8,826
26 Oct 2020 #38
Lick. Lick a lot of. If that fails you are in trouble man.

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