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Closed: I don't know if she's married and I don't speak Polish - help me romantic folks   2
Banks in Poland won't accept blemished UK notes
Poland trains in winter
Polish minorities in Bielarus, what's going on?
7 - You are right, I had no idea. Thanks....

Newsf stopf stop - 17 Mar 2010
TEFL Teacher training from Poland?
Warning - InterCollege - Teachers beware
Why do majority of Polish are afraid to admit their nationality?
Looking for a Polish Jew "Nina" saved in the war
Documentary on foreign and local workers in a town in England.   2   3
Webcams of Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw.
Replications of medals in Poland?
3 - Polonius3 thanks i will do that now, thanks really, thats fantastic janet...

Genealogyjanet melvinjanet melvin - 15 Mar 2010
Polish-American soldier and his wife murdered by four marines   2   3   4   5   6
How to turn a No into a Yes (she invited me to Poland to meet her)
My vacation trip to Poland (detailed description with pictures)
Swierkocz Family
3 - He was born in Galizien, Austria-Hungary....

GenealogyElder48TheOther - 15 Mar 2010
Złotoryja - information needed
5 - yeah i knew that...haha oh well thank you anyways :)...

Lifesamnslonsamnslon - 15 Mar 2010
Living costs & bills (2 bedroomed flat) in Legnica
8 - thank you :)...

Real Estatesamnslonsamnslon - 15 Mar 2010
Should a marriage proposal to a partner from Poland be done in private or public?
Secret meaning..What does it mean when a polish girl touches her nose?   2
42 - Or if your assh0le itches you,you may need Vlad the impaler....

Lovejohnnybluesking polkagamon - 14 Mar 2010
Barwina Father came from Tuchola
Which country is more corrupt - Poland or the UK?   2
If I say POLAND, you say...?   2   3   4
99 - an amateur, want-to-be psychologist...

Lifepolandownsopts - 14 Mar 2010
Polish Prefixation
Obtaining Records from churches and archives in Poland (other than email)
Food deliveries in Poland
Teaching English in Krakow -- how to find students?   2
English borrowings in Polish
Over stay in Poland (Canadian citizen)
Polish Pet Names For A Lover?
22 - Maybe she thinks you should trim your nails (and possibly teeth) ;-)...

Languagetempaccountcukierpudel - 12 Mar 2010