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TROJANOWSKI - coat of arms

Miss Lidia
5 Jan 2007 #1
Am looking to find the coat of arms for my family, Trojanowski, my Dad has a description of the coat of arms from a book but I am looking to have the coat of arms made...... any suggestions?
davidpeake 14 | 451
5 Jan 2007 #2
Hi Miss Lidia,

you could try this link, it might help you find what you are looking for.
OP Miss Lidia
5 Jan 2007 #3
Will check it out, thanks :)
5 Jan 2007 #4
my computer had alot of trojans....BUT NOW McAfee The Great has cleaned then one thing I can say is that.... you families greatest enemy is McAfee family!!! (also the Nortons :) )
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
5 Jan 2007 #5
my computer had alot of trojans....BUT NOW McAfee The Great has cleaned then allllll...

too funny pepe :)
OP Miss Lidia
7 Jan 2007 #6
:) lol

I have found 3 different coats of arms for my family name, just waiting for confirmation from my Dad as to which it is - I am actually looking for someone to MAKE the coat of arms......
18 Mar 2007 #7
did you ever get the coat of arms for your last name=Trojanowski? My last name is also Trojanowski and I'd like to get one too. Thanks, Teresa Trojanowski
Eurola 4 | 1,909
18 Mar 2007 #8
You can order CD(s) in English at the website below. One CD has all available coat of arms, the 2nd one mostly prominent polish families.

There is one for Trojanowski. Too bad, I did not find a link to preview it. There is a form to order the CDs.

Email with questions in English to:

Hope it helps! I have one hanging on the wall just for fun. Got it a few years back. :)
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
18 Mar 2007 #9
my computer had alot of trojans....BUT NOW McAfee The Great has cleaned then allllll

Download "AVG Free" from the internet. Much better than the store bought anit-virus protections. Norton is not good enough to get all the new viruses and McAfee will be "obsolete" after a few months. Viruses can find ways around them. I've had AVG Free for a long while now and it works much better. I've had Norton before and it sucked.

Just a quick tip :)
16 Feb 2009 #10
I know of two used by different Trojanowski clans.

One is here

The other is here
28 Apr 2009 #11
I'm looking for the Trojanowski family members, relatives of Wladyslaw (Władysław) Trojanowski and his son, I know the right the coat of arms and I have a photo of real one. In very good condition. I know also sth. about thoso two great men. If anyone has really the right to use the coat of arms pleas contact me:

I want to build geanalogical tree of the family.
5 Jan 2010 #12
I have seen a black and white picture of the REAL Coat of Arms.... Beware of the on-line stuff, they make them up and charge you money for it. There are tons of names they claim have a Coat if Arms, but never did. Like my father's last name Holmberg. There's no Coat of Arms for that lastname, but according to the web we have several! :))

According to family history on my mom's side, the original shield can be found in a museum somewhere in Europe. Wish I could remember where! I do remember that the original have 3 feathers on top. Supposedly all Trojanowskis with variation in spelling and branches such as Trojanow, Trojan etc all herald from the same family out of Greece very very very long ago. There's an anekdote/curse that I was told by my uncle about the brothers Trojanow /Trojanowski (don't know how true that's either)... I'm trying to translate as well as I can so bare with me. "There were three brothers, and they all wanted to be the one in power, so one brother slew the first and the third slew the second, hence Trojanowski siblings can never get along." Which I must say is VERY true in my mother's family! :))

Unfortunately it's all I can recall and my uncle who did the research has passed away.

Again, beware the on-line so called heraldic sites, they are scams!

I went and looked at the Ogonczyk Coat of Arms and that's not the picture I remember even though according this rded-the-ogonczyk-coat-of-arms_9.html the Tjojanowski family was awarded the Ogonczyk Coat of Arms. It is possible that the Trojanowski family later got their own???!!!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Jan 2010 #13
There were 7 noble lines amongst the Trojanowskis. Each was entitled to one of the following c-o-a: Leliwa, £aska, Ogończyk, Ossorya, Sas, Starykoń and Szeliga.

Check them out here:
cory trojanowsk - | 2
27 Aug 2011 #14
my name is cory trojanowski and would greatly apreciate ANY information anyone might have for this surname including meaning,origin, coat of arms . anything at all ! i am very interested in finding out anything pertaining to my family heritage . thank you
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
27 Aug 2011 #15
TROJANOWSKI: like nearly all -owski names, this most likely originated as a topo nickc from Trojany, Trojanów or similar (Trojanville).

There is no Trojanowski coat of arms as such. But there were seven noble lines amongst the bearers of the Trojanowski surname, each belonging to one of the following clans and entitled to use its coat of arms: Leliwa, £aska, Ogończyk, Osssorya, Sas, Starkoń or Szeliga.

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