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My Polish GF and her Polish GF both dress in matching clothing when they go out.
12 - And a "chav" is???...

LoveLevadLevad - 27 Feb 2010
Were these Polish people communists?
job salary comparison in UK and Poland and other European countries
Veteranary Internship in Poland
German legal discrimination against Polish speakers   2   3
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Tax refund and US Naturalization interview
Moving back from Canada to Poland, yes or no?   2
Polish Organizational Skills   2   3
78 - Yes and get a degree in how not to run an economy....

Lifetonykennyhague1cameron - 26 Feb 2010
Brits to protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles.   2   3   4   ...   9   10
residence visa stamp (Asian girl with a Polish husband)
Buying Property in Poland is out on Amazon
How do you comment on "Poland real estate analysis" of the biggest property site
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Do you really have to pay for your dogs to live in Poland
"Strange " English language..
Where can I buy chickpeas in Poland?
Beautiful women in Polonia, WI
Declension of młody and stary
9 - And only in the nominative case....

LanguageemmajoSzwedwPolsce - 24 Feb 2010
Morgue Job in Warsaw and what is the average pay?.
6 - Ho ho!...

WorkferozeTrevek - 23 Feb 2010
Car Insurance for a foreigner living in Poland on a temporary permit
The relations: Church and III Reich (Kosciol-NS Niemcy)
The creator of The First Polish Computer Died
Can Poland allow itself to refuse Slavija?
'MOZNA' - When is this used?
Why Poland employers are afraid of hiring any foreign nationals?   2   3   4   5
149 - That chav song was the goods. Hahah....

WorkJabwawSmedley Medley - 22 Feb 2010
brakować, braknąć, zabraknąć
9 - Perhaps you mean 'lack'....

LanguageDerevonmusicwriter - 22 Feb 2010
Are there other ways of finding records that exist further back than 1826?