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English guy falling for a Polish girl at work

Chrisrbower 1 | -
18 Aug 2011 #1
Hi there, im new to this forum and wanted some advice/pointers off people who have possibly been in this situation.

Basically, iv started working at a factory in UK, were alot of polish people are employed. Iv been there about 2 months now, and there is one girl iv fallen for. I really like her and im convinced she does me, we always make eye contact when we see each other, and passing in the corridor etc, its like more then a normal workmate would have, and she never says morning to me, but she will to other people, but yet continues to stare at me etc. But as usual, theres a complication, the fact shes polish and im english. Id love to just say something to her in polish and impress her but i dont know theyre language and she speaks little english.

What would your guys advice be? Try forget about her cos nothings ever gonna happen (realistically) or maybe someones got some phrases i could say to her. Im honestly clueless, all i know is my heart races when i see her, and id love to some how tell her i like her, whether or not she felt the way.

Thanks everyone
18 Aug 2011 #2
I'd say, go introduce yourself but speak to her in english, slowly.... say something nice, ask her out. It's not that difficult a thing to do. Forget about polish expressions now. You are not in Poland after all. If you hit it off, you may then work a bit on your polish, to further impress her :-)
catsoldier 62 | 595
18 Aug 2011 #3
Good advice I'd say but I would do the same as you would do for any girl, find out if she has a boyfriend first just to save yourself from being rejected.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
18 Aug 2011 #4
some phrases i could say to her

You can always say czesc. jestem Chris ;)
al111 13 | 89
19 Aug 2011 #5
Wooooo now u want chris to hurt his tongue trying to say that. Without someone teaching him the pronunciation that'll be difficult for him mate.

Follow your heart mate and be yourself u've made enough eye contact it's time u step up and approach her. It's good u came on here to ask for advice

and most of what u want is the cultural differences in dating. My own advice is don't be too forward start chatting her up(and pliz just be normal when u introduce yourself) at work get to know her even if it means using gestures. She will know you're for real, coz asking her out on a date might not be a good start. Just get to know her at work if she's attached you'll soon find out if not then take it from there. Good luck mate.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
19 Aug 2011 #6
and she never says morning to me, but she will to other people,

wonder why?
Forfour44 9 | 94
19 Aug 2011 #7
czesc. jestem Chris is hard to say. But try and say it like this
chesh yes-tem Chris.
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Aug 2011 #8
Better sing to her jestes szalona.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Aug 2011 #9
Hehehe, good tip, southern
Laciaty - | 2
19 Aug 2011 #10
May be difficult to maintain a relationship due to the language barrier. Speaking from experience. Good luck though ;)
catsoldier 62 | 595
19 Aug 2011 #12
If she speaks English then she is really no different from any other girl in the western world in my opinion. I would dare to say that Polish girls and English girls aren't very different culturally. This is only my own opinion and I wouldn't disagree if anyone thought different. If she was from the middle east or a Muslim or something you may need help but not from us :-)

Better sing to her jestes szalona.

That is the best music video I have seen for a while, the orchestra are really getting jiggy with it.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
20 Aug 2011 #13
She has a boyfriend in Poland...they all do....
Wroclaw Boy
20 Aug 2011 #14
and she never says morning to me, but she will to other people,

wonder why?

That's a bit nasty.

Chris - give her a strawberry all casual like. Check the response and take it from there.

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