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Zych surname in Ropica

24 Jul 2007 #1
I am searching for information on my father-in-law's family. Michael & Anna ZYCH first immigrated to America in 1905. Michael & Anna returned to Ropica, Poland in 1908 for the birth of Joseph (Joe) Zych, my fathering-law. The family returned to Poland in 1914 for the birth of Wanda, the youngest daughter.

Anna and the children remained in Poland until 1923 due to the World War. They returned to America in September 1923 on the Steamship Leviathan, which departed from Southampton, England. I do not know if Michael remained in Poland during this time or returned to America.

Joe attended a local school (have report cards for 1920 and 1921) in [Ropicy Polskiej] Gorlice. There was some correspondence between Joe and extended family members up into the 1950's. Extended family surnames are ZYCH, BARSZCZ, GRYBAS, and KWASNIAK.

Thank you for whatever information you can provide.

Don A
tomek123 2 | 21
31 Jul 2007 #2
Hey, my grandparents names were Zych. Jan and Genowefa (Gadkowska). But my family is from Podborze near Tarnow.
bookratt 6 | 85
31 Jul 2007 #3
Have you tried or or yet? Make sure pop up blocker is off when trying surname navigator and that you have a fast connection. These three sites are free, well known and respected genealogy sites.

Also, have you tried Cyndi's list Poland to get archive info for older Polish records yet?
amsigns - | 2
17 Aug 2011 #4
Merged: Eva Zych - Please help: I am looking to find my very good friend

I am looking to find my very good friend
Her name is: Eva Zych
Please anyone help find her, she use to live in Warsaw
It's been 25 years since we last met
Please anyone who speak Polish can help me she speaks French and may be little bit of Russian too

Thank you
and God Bless you
beckski 12 | 1,617
17 Aug 2011 #5
Her name is: Eva Zych

You need to provide more pertinent info, such as her current age, occupation, married or single, etc.
amsigns - | 2
17 Aug 2011 #6
She may be around 42 I don't know if she is married we have not spoken since we met forth last time in Warsaw in 1986

I know she used to live at ulitsa filtrowa
But this may be changed

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