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Polish contribution to World War II (movie)

25 Mar 2011 #1

Title: Polish contribution to World War II (Wkład Polaków na frontach II Wojny Światowej)
Author: oprychone
Music: Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade
Sources: Gladiators of World War II - Free Polish Forces, To Understand Poland 39-89 - Platige Image (Art. Dir. Michał Dziekan) and others.

Wikipedia: major battles and campaigns in which Polish regular forces took part:

Invasion of Poland (1939):

- Battle of Kock (1939)
- Battle of Mokra
- Battle of the Bzura River
- Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski
- Battle of Warsaw (1939)
- Battle of Wizna

West forces 1940-1945:

- French Campaign
- Battle of Britain
- Battle of the Atlantic
- Battle of Tobruk
- Operation Jubilee (Battle of Dieppe)
- Battle of Normandy (D-Day)
- Battle of Monte Cassino
- Battle of Falaise
- Battle of Arnhem (part of Operation Market Garden)
- Battle of Ancona
- Battle of Bologna

East forces 1943-1945:

- Battle of Lenino
- Battle of Bydgoszcz
- Battle of Kolobrzeg (Kolberg),
- Battle of Gdańsk (Danzig)
- Battle of Gdynia
- Battle of Berlin
- Prague Offensive

Polish underground actions:

- Zamość Uprising 1942-1944
- Operacja Główki 1943-1944
- Operation Tempest (Burza) 1944
- Operation Ostra Brama
- Lwów Uprising
- Warsaw Uprising<
25 Mar 2011 #2
That's nice summary but what is your question?
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
26 Mar 2011 #3
British campaign in Norway (Battle of Narvik)

Actualy,Franco British operation,the Poles served with the French.

Operation Jubilee (Battle of Dieppe)

Interesting as this is considered a Canadian operation with British support and US observers. Were the Poles part of the Navy effort?

Battle of Arnhem (part of Operation Market Garden)

technicaly the Battle of driel and Oosterbeek for Polish involvement.

Some truelly heroic acheivments highlighted there mate,but a bit vague,mind you,it is wikipedia..:)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
21 Aug 2011 #4
For anyone who wants to listen to music connected with WWII, I suggest Sabaton. They are from Sweden and many of their videos on Youtube have Polish subtitles. It might make some people here proud(er) :)

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