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Advice on a Polish girlfriend who suddenly stopped contact.

16 Aug 2011 #31
It's funny, I dated a Polish girl here in America for 4 months and it was fantastic. She treated me like a king! Then it started to slow down and I thought there may have been an old BF in the picture. She denied it of course, but then soon after the relationship started to slow down. We eventually went on a break, then just ended it. She wanted to remain "friends" and I actually believed her. I kept asking her for a dinner, coffee, etc. and she kept putting me off. I finally didn't hear from her unless I text her first. I decided to write that letter wishing her a happy life and the next morning she called leaving a VM telling me my thoughts were wrong. I thought she still wanted to be with me. I saw her the next week and made a pass at her like in some stupid romantic film. She was shocked and after reading these threads realize you are all right. Most of these women, including her, just need to know what the hell they want and grow up already. Time is fleeting and they aren't getting any younger. Zimmy, you're right. NEVER BEG! Now I look like the fool...
southern 75 | 7,096
16 Aug 2011 #32
With polosh women if you don't propose inside 6 months of relationship you really have to fek them good.

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