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Pesel in doubt, can anyone tell me if this delay is normal ?
Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland
Please help me to find Justyna Pilh in Krakow
Can anyone give information to where I could stay for few weeks in Chicago?
Podpiwek, anyone?
Polish 76th Infantry regiment WWII
When is the best time (month) to see Poland?
The Internet totally uncontrolled in Poland?
Company bank account in Poland - can a company use a personal bank account?
Public Liability Insuarance and Product Liability Insuarance
Car Insurance costs in Poland.
Szczepany, Poland
6 - One Szczepany is in £ódź voviodship....

GenealogyDobbler13Polonius3 - 28 Jan 2010
Best way to go from Warsaw to Varberg (Sweden)
7 - Good old Status Quo!...

Travelbullfrogbullfrog - 28 Jan 2010
Attending SGH (Feb 7th - June 30th) Canadian Student.
12 - ok dokey cheers for the advice on that xxx...

Lawpolomintzpolomintz - 28 Jan 2010
Electronics in Poland - what kinds are popular?
Usage rules of ł in the Polish language
How much is the maximum daily limit to withdraw zloty from ATM in PL.
Why in the world there are three ways to write simple U ?!?!   2
54 - It's phonetics, not grammar....

LanguagemicrowacRogalski - 27 Jan 2010
Gdansk transport for 25 people from hotel to church and back to hotel-any ideas?
5 - Exactly! Thanks a million! :-)...

TravelTrixityTrixity - 25 Jan 2010
Lach or Kapusciarz in Poland
Driving to Poland from Ireland end of jan, Need Advice
Nice sections of Krakow to live in, and other questions
4 - Try - lots of ads for places to rent there....

Real Estatemattyzinkrakow - 24 Jan 2010
iec conjugation   2
What should I wear for a POLISH WEDDING? My husband wears his kilt..
I want my Polish gf to live with me but she says life here is too hard
twoj wasz
Closed: Poland and Muslims (Tatars and others).   2   3
Z in usage with a verb...
Looking for descendents of Josef Samiec