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Child support in Poland:is the income of the father's spouse taken into account?

8 Mar 2011 #32
I'm kind of hijacking this thread i know but after reading it all i wonder how the situation would differ to mine.

My child was with a Polish girl (born and registered in the UK) and after we separated she took her back to Poland and hasnt been back since (beginning of 2010).

The last contact from the mother was she telling me she is going to seek Alimony. We did live together for about 18 months in total across different addresses.

I was told not to contact any further until i get something in writing by post about what will happen, Its been over 6 months and nothing has come through yet.

It was not my choice for her to take my child back to Poland (also understand i could not keep her in this country as she had nothing here apart from our relationship) but she did not get written permission from me or a court order to take her out of the country for longer than a month.

My question is really, What can i expect to happen? and what can i do?
8 Mar 2011 #33
She won't get alimony, no chance at all.

Poland has a shocking track record when it comes to respecting the rights of foreign parents, so don't expect the courts here to give much of a crap about her taking your child back to Poland without your permission.

The fact that she has done so will change very little when it comes to the amount of child support that you will be ordered to pay.

What can i expect to happen? and what can i do?

Court hearing in her place of residence and then an order from the court about how much you'll need to pay. You can and should get a lawyer.
22 Aug 2011 #34
Actually you are all wrong.

Harry. As a UK citizen your child was abducted illegally if you have parental responsibility like you say. Contact They are brilliant and will talk you through the steps you need to take for the return of your daughter.

The fact that she had nothing here other than your relationship makes no odds. She should still have gone through the proper channels and either gained your acceptance or sought a court order alowing her to remove the child from UK Jurisdtiction.

As regards alimony/maintenance again, wrong. If your child is taken out of the UK illegally there is absolutely 100% no legal obligation on you to pay any money for your child whatsoever. And nor should you if she has abducted him.

I am going through all of this right now and about to represent myself in court. I am baout to blow her lies and manipulation out of the water, she thnks she's clever but she isn't as she will soon find out.

I am applying for shared residency and a prohibitive steps order to stop her doing what your ex did to you and removing my son from the UK.

Good luck


Poland as an EC nation are part of the Hague Convention - Part of this convention says a member state must adhere to collective agreements / laws on child abduction.

You lucky she hasnt taken her to Japan... Then you would be stuffed...!!

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