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Poland's going forward while Britain is still trying to wake up   2   3
Bieszczady: Ustrzyki Górne to/from peak of Tarnica in a day? How intense?
What awaits Poland after EU surrender
RUSSIAN WOMAN IN POLAND....welcome...or not...?   2
33 - Russian women and their goods are welcome everywhere....

LifewildroverMiguel Colombia - 11 Jul 2010
From Malaysia and I'm about to study in Poland ...advice please
Polish child-parent relations?
Relocating in Poland - what's the best area?   2
Languages understandable by Poles?   2
Victoria Day - Gotta love Canada!
An Open Letter for newly Elected President of Poland
abbrevations: t.z.w. wne rys. r.n.e. ark wyd kl.
8 - Thank you!!!...

LanguageLeonisLeonis - 9 Jul 2010
Kryminalni Sezon 7, why is the box set so hard to find?
6 - Baw się dobrze. :)...

LifeNorthMancPolakSzwedwPolsce - 9 Jul 2010
Internet for 1 month in Kraków?
Some opinions about current pay rates (normal pay per hour for housekeeping in Poland)...
Usage of Polish Verbs
14 - Oops, such a basic mistake. Thanks, Magda :) :)...

LanguagekieSeanus - 8 Jul 2010
Village named Woloszczyzna
Dlaczego w jezyku polskim forum?   2   3
Which is the correct spelling - uwierzyć or wierzyć?
informacje na temat pracy w olsztyn
Poland Religion in daily life/ INTERVIEW for school paper
Religion and identity among Polish immigrants in the UK
Small change in shops in Poland!?   2   3
Declining Polish acronyms
Polish mortgage providers - overview of offers?
Village near Lancut
15 - Thanks!...

Genealogywct135wct135 - 6 Jul 2010
Bringing my young son to Poland on a Schengen Visa
Majoch :)
7 - My madain last name is Majoch and I'm polish/german...

GenealogyDrac90kmajoch - 6 Jul 2010
Longhaul coach connections in Poland