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Places to stay near Zwierzyń (Lesko area) in Bieszczady Mountains.
Life in communism vs democracy in Poland   2   3   4   ...   6   7   8
Not Gay: Making Friends With Polish Men In The UK.
Mielcarek, Rybacki, Masiakowski, Saskowski, Lawniczak, Vukzsta/Vuksta
People who have their businesses in Poland must update or face a fine
Brit obtaining driver licence in Poland
Using two or three US passports to stay in the EU longer
US visa free "extension" while on a Poland travel visit?
Can I use an unlocked US mobile in Poland?
Polish Civil War after the German Occupation in WW2?
As a student, how hard is it to get a US tourist visa?
Poland and Shakespeare
Changing trains in Poznan
Looking for Accommodation in Hel and Sopot
Travelling from NI to Poland   2
How to go to Grodzisk Mazowiecki Szpital?
Irish Student Locating to Lodz - Can I bring Irish Car?
Searching for relatives in Leman - Nicewicz, Szczesny, Pycia, Findrick
Advice required about opening a Serbian restaurant in Krakow
24 - I mean sp. z o.o. (sole shareholder company)....

LawDjuriicgregor - 9 Aug 2010
Job prospects for an English (and German) speaker in Poland?
How do Polish people feel about an English teacher with crimson dyed hair?
10 - You have the right to blue skin, too....

LifeplaiddinoPlasticPole - 8 Aug 2010
Why 'działka'?
All Polish women can't be nutters can they?   2   3   4   ...   7   8   9
Hand washing at public toilets in the UK   2   3
Gdzie się podział mój wątek i dlaczego zostal usunięty?
12 - no widze wlasnie, ze szalejesz... hehe......

Po polskuzetigrekpgtx - 6 Aug 2010
Maria Wittekówna and other Polish Women in The AK
Komorowski - Russian stooge, traitor background   2
42 - Gin Martinis I could understand......

NewsVarsovianjonni - 5 Aug 2010
High school entry - exams, points etc in Poland
Any direct flights from Aberdeen or Inverness to Poland?