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Temporary Residence/Karta Pobytu - Applying from London

krakuskabanos 4 | 43
15 Feb 2010 #1

does anybody know how long the processing time is if you apply for the temporary residence card from london? some people on this forum said that it takes 6 months, is that true?

is the polish consulate here in london fussy?

what if i need to travel urgently and they've got my passport, can they release it temporarily so i can travel (the same as in the uk border)?
15 Feb 2010 #2
You can not get a temporary residence card from the Polish consulate in London. Certain people can get a temporary residence permit there but you probably aren't one of them. Are you a British citizen? If not, do you have the right to permanently reside in the UK?
OP krakuskabanos 4 | 43
15 Feb 2010 #3
really? but how come the polish consulate has got a list of requirements on their website and they didn't mention that i cannot file the application from here in London?

i am a non-eea national but married my polish husband last year - i'm a student at the moment. i need the temporary residence so we can move back to Poland anytime.
15 Feb 2010 #4
Unless the law has changed recently (and the consulate's website still quotes from the one I know about), you have to apply for a temporary resident's permit in the Polish consulate nearest to where you permanently reside. However, if you're married to a Polish citizen you could just come here and apply for a temporary resident's card at the local foreigners office.

Which country are you from?
OP krakuskabanos 4 | 43
15 Feb 2010 #5
from somewhere in south-east Asia... and you? are you based in Poland at the moment? or are you in Britain?

hi harry. I called the Polish consulate yesterday. they told me that i can lodge my application from here in London. thanks anyway. cheers.
18 Feb 2010 #6
Do come back and tell us about it all when you've got the card in your hand. I know you won't get one, because I know who has to sign the decision issuing a karta pobytu: consuls can not. At best you'll get a one year residency permit. More probably they'll just send the paperwork to the foreigners office nearest where you're registered in Poland. Oh wait, you aren't registered so you don't qualify. At worst the person who knows what they're talking about (not the person who answers the phone) will tell you that you need to go home to get the visa.
beelzebub - | 444
19 Feb 2010 #7
Harry is right. Ignore his advice at your own peril. You will soon learn that it doesn't matter what you are "told" by officials. You can go to 3 different windows and be told 3 different things.
19 Dec 2011 #8
Merged: Applying for Karta Pobytu from UK

Hi friends,

I'm married with my lovely Polish wife for 3 years. I'm originally from Turkey. We lived in Poland for about 15-16 months just after we married, then we've moved to UK. I got my first 1 year Polish Residency Card after marriage, then applied again and got my card for next 2 years. This one will expire in January 2012 and I need to apply for an another 2 years.

Now my question is, do I have to be living in Poland to apply for this card? will my over a year staying in UK make problem? Will they want to come home to check our marriage again in few weeks after my application, just like they did before? Obviously we are not living in Poland for now if they want to come over :|

I appreciate all advises! Thanks a lot!

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